Getting our kids to eat healthy can be a challenge at times. Kids can be pretty picky. They don’t like this and they don’t like that. There’s also times when they’re boycotting food and don’t eat all. And heaven forbid they just eat a vegetable with out a fight. It’s exhausting. Don’t loose hope though because it eventually gets better, mom.

In the meantime lets talk about some foods you can cook with your kids. Cooking with kids is one of our favorite ways to get kids eating. Getting kids involved in the cooking process makes them invested in their food and more likely to be interested in eating.

Isn’t this a right of passage? Every kid loves a cookie and this a fun way to cook with your kids. Great to do with young kids because they can do all of the stirring and roll the cookie dough into balls and place it on the pan.

PB and J
Sandwiches are great for young and old kids. Young kids can lay out the bread and pick their jelly while older kids can put a whole PB & J sandwich together!

Eggs are some one of the easiest things to teach kids to make. That is, once they get past the cracking the shell situation. Haha.

Homemade Pizza on Pita Bread
This one is very simple. Kids spread on pizza sauce, sprinkle on cheese and any other toppings they want. (Add some shredded zucchini to the pizza sauce for some hidden nutrition).

Healthy Popsicles
Get your child involved in this by letting them pick out the fruit and liquid to use. If they are older and have more coordination they can even pour the mix into the popsicle molds.

Another great one for younger kids because they can participate in all of the mixing and measuring.


Just like the pizza, this is as simple as letting your kids sprinkle on cheese and toppings!

Tortilla Pinwheels
We love this because the fillings are endless. Let your kids get creative and put anything they want inside and help roll the tortilla. Older kids can slice the tortilla log into pinwheels.

Fruit Kababs
Awesome for young kids to work on their hand-eye coordination.

Simple as having your child pick what fruits and liquids they want in their smoothie and them putting all ingredients in the blender
While younger children may not be able to get completely involved in the whole cooking process they can do little things. They can get stuff out of the fridge, stir mixes, rinse fruit and veggies. As your child gets older they can get more involved and fully help make some of the foods we’ve talked about. Either way, it’s just about letting kids get involved in the kitchen.

Do you have a favorite food you like to cook with your kids?

Breanna Lynne

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