10+ Photos of Kids & Their Pets When Left Alone Together

October 27, 2017
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Kids and pets: they are the center of their parents’ hearts, but the pair might not always be the “dynamic duo” if left together.

10+ Photos of Kids & Their Pets When Left Alone Together

In the vivid imagination of a child, man’s best friends are coloring canvases, dress up partners, and pieces of art.

When out of the sight of parents, it could be safe to say kids and their pets would spend some quality “bonding” time together.

1. Dogs become the coloring page:

Sure hope those markers are washable

2. Tea for two?

They were left alone for only 20 minutes and here we are…
3. Daughter makes sure the dog’s eyebrows are “on fleek”:

Because even dogs need to look pretty at all times.

4. Pretend groceries needed for the shopping trip:

Not a dull moment.

5. An hour upstairs of your child and dog. And here’s the result:

Sparkly nails! How fabulous

6. Put the blame on the dog, work every time:

But I swear, the dog did it.

7. Dog not amused. Baby, surely did:

Barbie-dog? Why not!

8. But dogs aren’t the only ones who get makeovers:

The cat can’t be left out of looking pretty too, now.

9. Dalmatian + Markers + A child =

Black and white is just 02 colors. How about more?

10. “My daughters dressed my manly cat in a dress! He is not impressed!”

A grumpy cat in the flesh…

11. The pink explosion:

What could be more awesome than a hot-pink dog.
So do expect a special “bonding” time between your child and pet next time you leave them to themselves. Surely these are moments we can all look back on and laugh about.

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