This 14-Year-Old Boy Suffering At The Hands Of Bullies Has Had Enough

November 9, 2017
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Bullying is a very widespread issue affecting many children in and out of our schools. Bullying can leave children with self-esteem issues and in some cases, they can be scared for their lives.

L.J Morley is one of these children. The 14-year-old boy has been the victim of bullying for over two years now. He has had enough, and his family says that it is time for the bullying to stop.

L.J’s mother, Michelle Morgan from Wahoo, Nebraska tells how she has pressed charges against multiple teenagers from his school after they threatened to kill her boy.

Speaking to L.J explained his situation. “It gets physical. They punch me, kick me and they throw me into lockers. They kick my chair and make me fall down,” he says.

However, the bullying quickly intensified for the 14-year-old and he says that kids threatened to beat him to death on social media and at school. “It was hurting me a lot and I just couldn’t deal with it anymore,” L.J explains.

Heartbreakingly, Michelle tells how her son has even spoken about suicide to her. Michelle spoke about her disappointment with how her son feels in the school. “It’s supposed to be a safe environment. It’s supposed to be fun, filled with learning, not who’s going to do what to you or who’s going to say what,” Michelle said.

The Morgan family feels neglected by the district, she explains that the district notified her of one two day suspension but they still feel that is not enough. “My son who has been bullied is being treated like he’s doing wrong. The bullies are continuing to do whatever they want,” she says.

L.J is not the only victim of this bullying scandal, his friend Treyvon Milliken is also suffering at the hands of these bullies. “It just doesn’t stop,” Treyvon says.

The boys receive many threatening messages on social media where the bullies show absolutely no remorse or care for what they are doing.

A family friend of the Morgan’s, Sue DuBois says that she is seeing the problem growing. “We need to step up and be the voice of change. Stand up for our students, stand up for our school and make something different happen,” she says.

Superintendent Brandon Lavaley sent a statement to WOWT in relation to the bullying allegations. “We take allegations of bullying behavior seriously here at Wahoo Public Schools. There are educational programs in place to limit the policies in place to deter any of these types of behaviors.”

According to, the school district says that it is investigating the situation, however, they are unable to discuss the specific information regarding L’J’s particular case.

“When instanced are reported, the administration is responsible for investigating and taking appropriate action. We are unable to discuss any specific information regarding individual students,” Brandon Lavaley said.

Despite the trying times young L.J is facing, he has some words of advice for others who might find themselves at the hands of bullying. “The kids out there that are getting bullied, you are not alone,” he says. “Try to fight through it, you can always make it,” he concludes.


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