3-Year-Old Girl Dies Following Suspected Abuse: Mother’s Boyfriend Charged

November 4, 2017
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A 3-year-old girl from Chico County has died in a case of suspected abuse, according to the  Chicot County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO).

The incident report notes that deputies were notified when the child was brought into a local emergency room Tuesday night by her mother and grandmother with injuries described as “severe.”

The CCSO says that Journee Orji was later airlifted to Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock.

After interviewing Journee’s mother, who lives in Lake Village, the CCSO says that she told deputies that her boyfriend Jeffery Tucker had spanked Journee at her home earlier in the day.

After receiving that information and also learning that Tucker had left the address in the mother’s vehicle a BOLO was put out to surrounding agencies on the vehicle as well as the Tucker.

The man was taken into custody in Eudora just after 11 p.m. Tuesday.

Journee died from her injuries at 4:05 p.m. on Wednesday, the CCSO confirmed.

A probable cause hearing and first court appearance were held on Thursday for Tucker in  Chicot County Circuit Court.

He has been charged with Capital Murder and ordered held without bond.

The CCSO says that Tucker will be held in the Jefferson County Jail until further notice.

Tragic: 14-Year-Old Model Dies After Working In Gruelling 12-Hour Chinese Fashion Show

A 14-year-old Russian model has died after a grueling 12-hour fashion show in China.

Vlada Dzyuba reportedly collapsed just before walking out onto the catwalk in Shanghai, The Siberian Times reported.

The teen was found to be suffering from chronic meningitis “compounded by severe exhaustion” and remained in a coma for two days before she passed away.

Vlada reportedly collapsed after her temperature soared while she was waiting for her next appearance.

It is believed tht the young model was too ‘scared’ to ask for medical help and was working well over her contract of a maximum three hours a week.

It is alleged that the 14-year-old was unable to be taken to hospital for treatment because she did not have medical insurance, despite being on a three-month contract with a prominent Chinese modeling agency.

It is unclear who is to blame for her not having medical insurance.

The recruitment of young female models in China is on the rise, often between 14 and 16,  from Russia and especially Siberia to work at catwalk shows.

The topic was uncovered in a documentary Extreme Model Factory by presenter Reggie Yates in his 2015 Extreme Russia series.

Vlada’s mother was not able to reach her daughter before she died, and she told the television programme NTV: “She was calling me, saying ‘Mama, I am so tired. I so much want to sleep.”

“I didn’t sleep myself and was calling her constantly, begging her to go to hospital ”she added.

Vlada’s family has contacted the Russian state to ask for help finding answers.

Image credit: independent.co.uk

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