3-Year-Old Who Does Her Makeup Better Than Most Adults Sparking Major Controversy

December 30, 2017
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It’s so easy to spend hours watching millions of makeup tutorials on YouTube. Even if one does,  it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll automatically be able to apply makeup to your face with any kind of precision.

But, 3-year-old Liriana has basically become a makeup artist — and she even has her own YouTube channel! — after watching her Mother put on her makeup so many times.

But the internet is not-so-impressed…


I’m actually impressed after watching the toddler’s skills in a short video posted by the girl’s mom, Suella, the clip was reposted by Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty and MyMakeupCover — each with millions of followers — which made it go viral and brought out the inevitable haters.

“I like how everyone’s like ‘she’s just playing with makeup‘ but no one is saying that it’s wrong for a three-year-old [to] put toxic chemicals that are in makeup all over their face that could cause her break out or getting irritation or something . . . You can literally feel the lack of parenting in this video,” one commenter wrote on the MyMakeupCover post. Another simply wrote, “She is too young!!!”

Suella shared with Yahoo Beauty that the haters have gotten to her a bit, which makes her feel defensive and protective of her little girl. “My daughter does not wake up and put makeup on. She just loves to play with it from time to time and I have no problem allowing her to do it because we’ve all done it,” she said. “I started to record her doing her makeup for my family so when I was reading people’s comments saying I’m trying to sell her or taking away her innocence or making her not love herself without makeup, I was baffled. I don’t think any mother would bring that negativity to their child; this is all for fun.”

Thankfully, many of the commenters were able to recognize the playful nature of the videos

“Omggg I can’t handle this!! Too much cuteness in one video,” one said on the original post, which featured a cranberry eye-shadow look that I myself am not worthy of.

Another said, “I love this. I used to play in my grandmother’s makeup and mom’s makeup when I was little. To me it was the ultimate fun.”

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