4 Ways Good Vision Can Help Prevent Accidents

One of the most commonly overlooked factors in evaluating the safety of our children is whether or not they are enjoying proper vision. Poor vision can leave a child at risk in a variety of situations, making it imperative that any vision-related problems be promptly corrected. Below are four examples of how good vision can prevent a child from suffering an avoidable accident.

Proper Vision Helps Children Read Signs

Even moderate levels of myopia (nearsightedness) can make it difficult for a child to read traffic warning signs, classroom instructions or other information that could protect the child from an accident. Especially for older children, poor vision could lead to them missing vital instructions and suffering a possibly fatal accident as a result. By ensuring that the child has excellent vision, their parents can help avoid the potential danger that comes from being unable to read warning or traffic signs.

Peripheral Vision Can Save a Child from Traffic Accidents

A number of eye conditions, including glaucoma and retinal detachment, can cause tunnel vision. This condition limits the child’s ability to see what is happening on the periphery of his or her vision. When riding a bike or driving a vehicle, tunnel vision can result in avoidable traffic accidents. By ensuring that the child has proper peripheral vision, the danger of a traffic accident can be greatly reduced.

Proper Vision Protects Against Accidental Falls

Poor vision often leads to slip and fall accidents, especially if the child cannot detect obstacles on the floor or other dangers, such as wet surfaces. These accidents can often lead to severe injury, and so preventing them by ensuring that the child has excellent vision should be a priority for parents. This is especially important for younger children, who often engage in large amounts of energetic play in areas where the child will be at a greater risk of taking a tumble.

Good Night Vision Protects a Child on the Street

Night blindness, or the inability to see in low light conditions, is usually a symptom of another, underlying condition, such as myopia or vitamin A deficiency. Not only can poor night vision lead to slip and fall accidents at night, but it can lead to the child failing to notice dangerous traffic conditions when he or she is walking in the dark. By taking action to compensate for poor night vision, a parent can help protect his or her child from a potentially traffic nighttime accident.

Ultimately, the best way to protect a child from the dangers of poor vision is to have regular eye examinations by a skilled provider, such as All About Eyes, followed by the immediate treatment for any vision issues the child might suffer from. By doing so, a parent will ensure that their child will continue to enjoy all of the benefits excellent vision can provide.

Kara Masterson

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