4-Year-Old Honored for Helping Save Doctor’s Life When He Had Seizure on Bathroom Floor

November 6, 2017
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Four-year-old Caleigh Concannon is your common puppy-adoring, splendid peered toward young lady. She additionally has a soul of fortitude, willing to talk up for the benefit of others.
Caleigh’s dad, Michael Concannon, is a diabetic. Michael and his better half, Heather Concannon, have ensured that every tyke in their family knows how to perceive a therapeutic crisis and knows how to get offer assistance.

The Concannons likely didn’t expect youthful Caleigh’s restorative preparing to prove to be useful outside their home. In any case, on an apparently typical October day, Caleigh demonstrated her group that you’re never excessively youthful, making it impossible to be a legend.
It began when Caleigh went with her mom to a nearby administration pooch preparing association, Golden Opportunities for Independence. The Walpole, Massachusetts-based non-benefit raises youthful pups bound to help individuals living with incapacities.
Caleigh and her mother wanted to go through the day volunteering with the puppies. Caleigh has an enormous heart for pooches, and was overflowing with fervor to get her hands on some feathery, fun loving Golden Retrievers.

Caleigh was en route to the restroom when she saw a man stuck in an unfortunate situation. He was on the ground, having an epileptic seizure.
Caleigh didn’t know the man was having a seizure, however she knew that something wasn’t right, and he required offer assistance. She ran and disclosed to her mother that a man was mulling over the floor.
Heather Concannon trusted her little girl and hustled inside to perceive what wasn’t right. The man in a bad position ended up being Dr. Michael Flynn, the ranch’s Director of Operations.
“She figured out he was having a seizure, and she called the ambulance and stuff like that,” Caleigh said of her mother’s response. “He was sick,” speaking of Flynn she said.
When asked how she knew that something was wrong, Caleigh gave credit to her dad’s medical condition. She explained “Because my dad has diabetes,” which prompted her to run and shout for help.
Flynn, who has recuperated from his scene, talked with neighborhood news about Caleigh’s activities. He was overflowing proudly finished the 4-year-old’s capacity to perceive that he wasn’t simply “dozing.”

“I am so proud of her,” Flynn told WBZ-TV. “I am just in awe at the responsibility and the seriousness and her perception in handling the situation.”
On Oct. 20, Walpole Police regarded Caleigh with a Community Hero Award. They gave her a marked declaration and tickets to the motion pictures.
“Caleigh’s swift actions helped to get emergency services to the gentleman immediately and turned a very dangerous situation into a happy ending,” the Walpole Police Department wrote on Facebook. Caleigh beamed as she accepted her award.
“The situation could have been a lot worse than it was,” said Walpole Police Chief John Carmichael. “And so as a result, she really is a community hero.”
Caleigh has been generally complimented and said thanks to via web-based networking media. Her folks have been extolled also to teach their young little girl how to resist the urge to panic and help other people in a critical moment.

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