5-Year-Old Boy Suffers Graphic Injury In Bounce House. ‘He was asking if he was going to die.’

November 22, 2017
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A family in Oklahoma wants to warn others about a graphic injury their 5-year-old boy suffered while he was playing in a bounce house game.

“No kid should have to go through that,” said Shali Lambert about her son, Bentley. “I mean you would expect (the game) to be safe for kids of all ages.”

The Lambert family could really not believe what happened to Bentley during a recent trip to the Incredible Pizza location in Warr Acres, Oklahoma on November 5th, according to KFOR.

Bentley was reportedly jumping in the ‘Bouncetown’ area when he got inside an inflatable playhouse called ‘The Wrecking Ball.’

The Wrecking Ball is basically a ninja-style bounce game, where a padded wrecking ball swings in the middle of the enclosure.

Then, Bentley’s arm apparently got tangled up in an exposed hook attached to the wrecking ball and the equipment ripped the boy’s arm wide open.

He was screaming ‘I’m stuck,’” Shali said. “I just remember picking him up and I had to unhook the clip and slide it out of his arm.”

The hook then left a three-inch deep gash in Bentley’s left arm.

“He was asking if he was going to die,” Shali said. “He saw all the blood in his arm, and so he was asking if he was going to die.”

Tiny scraps of the boy’s skin were even left behind on that hook.

Image credit: KFOR.com

Employees at Incredible Pizza then called for an ambulance, and Bentley was rushed to OU Medical Center’s Children’s Hospital where he had to undergo emergency surgery to repair his arm.

Now, Bentley will need physical therapy and possibly more surgery down the road.

The Lambert family is still in shock about the event, and wants others to be aware even padded rides aren’t as safe as they may look.

“It’s really difficult to think something like this could happen,” said Bentley’s grandmother, Cheryl Lambert.

The family is now waiting to hear about whether Incredible Pizza might help pay for the damage caused by the wrecking ball.

So far, they haven’t received a cent.

“Our insurance company is investigating this attraction,” a company spokesperson told KFOR. “Our insurance company is communicating with the family. As soon as we have a conclusion, we will reach out to you.”

Four Adults, Teen And Toddler Found Dead From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


The Jefferson County sheriff has confirmed that four people – two adults, a teenager and a toddler — died last weekend at a residence apparently from carbon monoxide poisoning.

James Miller, 42, and Andrea Margaret Miller, 46, were among the victims who were found dead about noon Sunday at a residence on Hillcrest Drive between Leetown and Kearneysville, Sheriff Pete Dougherty said.

A 16-year-old male, who is believed to be the son of James Miller, and a 3-year-old girl, believed to be the granddaughter of Andrea Miller, also were found dead, the sheriff said.

The names of the juveniles have not been released to date.

When emergency personnel arrived at the scene, they found a strong odor and discovered the victims inside.

Dougherty said that officers found a generator that was being used inside the home, and they believe that carbon monoxide poisoning appears to be the cause of the deaths.

The bodies were taken to a local funeral home and then later transported to Charleston to the state Medical Examiner’s Office.

Dougherty said the residence is an area which is located on the border of Jefferson and Berkeley counties.


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