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6-Year-Old Killed In Car Crash Just A Few Weeks After His Brother Drowned

A 6-year-old boy who was killed in a crash this week was the brother of a toddler who had drowned in a creek just more than six weeks ago.

Clark County Sheriff’s Office said that the boys’ father, Peter Roberts, was traveling west on IN 60 near the entrance to Deam Lake in Borden when his vehicle ran into a ditch. Roberts over-corrected and then crossed into oncoming traffic. This caused a collision with two vehicles heading in the opposite direction, the spokesperson said.

A witness, Joyce Nolot said that she saw the crash as she was making coffee and looking out the kitchen window. It was just by chance she was there because she is taking care of her sick mother.

“I heard this loud boom like an explosion, and I looked out the window and I saw two, three cars go flying,” Nolot said.

The scene left Nolot’s mother’s yard torn up – and it’s the scene where 6-year-old Ayden Roberts was killed. Nolot said that she saw the car Ayden was in and said it was split in two.

After the incident, Ayden, was rushed to Norton Children’s Hospital in Louisville where he died.

His car that got cut in two, landed on the mailbox, the other half landed where the orange tape is,” Nolot said as she pointed to the opposite side of Highway 60.

Glass and several car parts covered the area in front of Nolot’s mother’s house. She said that after she called 911, she went outside to see if there’s anything she could do to help. That’s when she saw Peter Roberts, getting out of the car.

The father jumped out and I think he was in shock and I don’t know how bad he was hurt, he was stumbling, falling on the ground trying to get to his son,” Nolot said.

She said the other people involved in the crash seemed to be OK.

I know that one lady said she had glass in her mouth and it just hit her in the face and she was still crunching on glass,” Nolot said.

Not too long ago, on January 21, Ayden’s 2-year-old brother, William Roberts, disappeared from a yard in Borden. About 12 hours after being reported missing, his body was found in Silver Creek. His death was ruled accidental.

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