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7 Ways Your Kids Will Drive You Crazy This Summer

It’s Summer! Time for ice pops, the beach or pool, heat waves, humidity, sunburn and kids…lots of time with your kiddos. Lots and lots and lots of times with your kiddos in which they might just drive you crazy. Keeping your sanity as a parent is key. If you don’t have your sanity, what do you have? Minus some good-looking kids, and your own charm? Get ready for a fun-filled summer with periodic bouts in which you will wish passionately for school to start– ASAP!

I’m Bored

Don’t you wish you could be bored this summer? You won’t be, but your kids will be bored and remind you every 2.5 seconds in case you forget the last 2.5 seconds ago that : THEY ARE BORED!

You can remind them that there are sweatshops in Third World countries in which children are working around the clock, and offer that you send them over there as back-up help. That might get them to be quiet and hey– it’s also an opportunity for a great history lesson!

Sunblock Torture

Have you ever found applying sunblock on a toddler or preschooler to be easy? It should be an Olympic sport.

Stay Up ALL Night

This summer your kids will want to stay up all night meaning you and your partner won’t get any alone time. They’ll be bouncing off the walls unless they’re completely exhausted from sun or camp activities, and you might just wish you had gotten  a dog instead of became a parent. Well, at least for a little bit.

Summer Reading Torture

Unless your little one loves to read, getting your kid to read the books off the summer reading list might feel like you’re deep in interrogations at Guantanamo Bay!

Did you read the book? Which page did you end on? Where is the book? Are you lying? Can you tell me something that happened that interested you?

The grilling is not the fun kind that involves hamburgers…

I’m Bored. Again

Did you think I was kidding you the first time? I wasn’t.

Are you getting bored of being told your kids are bored???

Vacation Conundrums

Packing for vacation? Wish you could pack yourself and go alone? Can’t figure out what happened to the kids’ bathing suits from last year? About to make a road trip with a child or children and wondering if it’s okay to drive while on anti-anxiety medications?

Sand Everywhere

If you live near the beach, expect to scrub sand from the most annoying places like ears, genitals and hair…my gosh the hair is the worst!

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