80% Of His Brain Was Missing At Birth And Everyone Thought He Would Die

November 8, 2017
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Abortion is such a complex subject. It’s talked about all too often these days. Everyone has their own opinions on the matter and that’s a fact that will always remain the same.

However, imagine being 23 weeks pregnant when doctors give you some heartbreaking news about your unborn child. Not only do you need to try to come to terms with the news but then the doctor advises you that abortion is the best option. What would you do?

Brittany Buell and her husband Brandon were put in that awful position but decided to go with their hearts and take their son for how he would be.

Doctors first noticed something was amiss with Jaxon’s development during a routine ultrasound a few weeks into Brittany’s pregnancy. Scans showed a brain malformation and as a result doctors recommended an abortion as they truly didn’t believe the baby would survive.

However, on August 27th 2014 in Orlando Florida, baby Jaxon Buell was born. Brittany needed a Cesarean section which in itself was quite a traumatic experience for her as little Jaxon had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, suffocating him.

Jaxon was born with most of his skull missing and had only 20% of his brain. Doctors were unable to determine what caused the brain defect but told the couple that their boy would only survive for a matter of hours.

As it happens Jaxon had an infection which causes microhydranencephaly, an extreme brain malformation that left him with 80 percent of his brain missing. However, now 3 years old, baby Jaxon has defied all the odds.

Jaxon was never expected to live very long, let alone walk, talk, see or hear. However, the child is developing slowly and growing stronger day by day. He attends 8 specialists and gets therapeutic exercises to help improve his health.

Brittany and Brandon have written a book, “Don’t Blink: What the Little Boy Nobody Expected to Live Is Teaching the World about Life,” documenting their experiences.

Jaxon suffers from seizures everyday but despite this his parents say he is a very happy, healthy and comfortable boy.

Speaking to DailyMail.com, Brandon says: ‘There are difficult days. There are days that are very challenging. There are days that break our hearts to watch him go through a very difficult day, but what has encouraged us is truly watching him respond back to us and it’s just truly amazing.”

As Jaxon is getting older he is learning to adapt to his changing body. His parents say they are watching their child grow before their eyes.

Brandon spoke to TODAY’s A. Pawlowski where he said: “Jaxon is able to do a little bit more now. He’s a little bit more mobile, he has more expressions.”

He can follow conversations and reacts when you call his name his father explains. He is also able to hold and grab things. Thankfully his parents have noticed that his senses are all working, which is a miracle all things considered.

Brittany and Brandon plan to work hard with Jaxon every day despite all the challenges they face and cherish every single moment they have their miracle baby.

“His life is precious. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but he’s still here and we celebrate that. Whatever Jaxon needs that day, we will do.”

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