Alert: Mom Shares Urgent Hatchimals Warning After Her Girl Suffers Chemical Burns

December 14, 2017
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Hatchimals were supposed to be the toy of the year back in 2016, but as many of us know the furry, robotic animal was overwhelmed with problems, including malfunctioning Hatchimals that didn’t hatch – along with plenty of troubleshooting problems.

The toys were also the reason why so many of us waited in long lines for retailers who charged upward of $1,000 apiece for items that retail for about $60.

It’s just some of the things that we do as crazy, yet loving parents. But after the gifts were unwrapped, some children encountered a problem: Hatchimals that refused to hatch.

Now at the end of 2017 we are still talking about Hatchimals and yes, the toy is still full of issues.

This time around though it’s not the mechanical toy itself, but rather a bath bomb with the Hatchimals’ brand name on it.

A mom is warning other parents to stay away from it, after her daughter suffered some serious chemical burns while using the bath bomb before bed.

You honestly won’t believe the photos when you see this.

No little kid should ever suffer like this and especially after using a bath bomb or toy.

Here’s what happened after this little girl used a Hatchimals bath bomb!

For those of us not in the know, Hatchimals are magical creatures that live inside of eggs.

According to Spinmaster, “Each egg contains one of two interactive Hatchimals. Love and care for yours inside the egg and its eyes will light up as it makes cute sounds, telling you how it’s feeling!”

In other words, it will keep your child entertained for at least twenty minutes before moving on to the next toy. But for one mom, Jennifer Renee, she is warning other parents to stay away after her daughter Willow was burned pretty badly by a Hatchimal bath bomb…

Here’s what she says, “PSA! Do NOT buy this for your children!” she wrote. “Followed directions on package and placed in her bathtub. Thought it would be fun for her because there was a toy inside.”

Jennifer added, “After being in the water 30-45 seconds she stated her skin was hurting, upon looking she has received a chemical burn from a KIDS BATH BOMB. Just a warning, people.”

Willow was apparently only in the water for less than a minute before the pain began. And now her mom is warning parents to keep away.

Also, they frequently use bath bombs (as most of us do) and has never had a problem before.

Mom Jennifer continued, “I called the company and the batch number being investigated and is likely going to be recalled as numerous reports have been made (not all the burning reaction she got). It is so easy for a person working in a factory to overdo the ingredients in a batch and just ignore it. I am posting this just in hopes people will monitor closely. Everyone loves bath bombs. Lesson learned. All natural ones from now on.”

My daughter has actually been asking for the miniature Hatchimal figurines for Christmas this year, but now I’m thinking twice

In fact, I will have to be careful before making any of my Christmas purchases.

BUT – Bath bombs of any kind pose threats. After all, they are made up of chemicals, most that we cannot even pronounce.

No official recall has been made, but so you know – the batch number that burned Willow is HZ062HBAZATUR.

Have you come across a malfunctioning Hatchimal or any toy that poses a risk to young children?

Do let us know !

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