Children Are Making Heartbreaking Requests To Holiday Gift Donation Program

November 14, 2017
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Things of My Very Own, Inc. a non-profit organization based in Schenectady, New York has set up a Christmas gift donation program for children.


‘Things of My Very Own, Inc. provides crisis intervention services to children impacted by extensive abuse and/or neglect,’ according to their Facebook page. Their goal is to keep children together with non-abusive family members and out of the foster care system where possible.

The program has seen a lot of wishes or requests from children and one that has caught the attention of the online community comes from a 10-year-old boy who simply wants snacks so he can eat with the rest of his class.

The boy writes “I want school snacks so I’m not the only one not eating during snack time at school.” He also claims to like Pokémon and wears size 12.

Things of My Very Own Facebook

As we all know some children don’t know the concept of needs and wants. Christmas can be a very stressful time for parents who are trying their best to satisfy their kids’ wishes. However, sometimes it is just not possible and financial strain can be very stressful.

But this little boy has broken hearts across the country with his honest request for snacks, something a lot of us would take for granted. It seems like such a simple ask but for some, this boy specifically it obviously means a lot to him.

The organization issues the gift tags to local businesses and people are able to select them and buy the requested items for the children. According to their Facebook page, you can sponsor a child in crisis or make a monetary donation on their website.

This boy’s tag has received around a hundred responses on Facebook alone, from people more than keen to help the family out, but of course there are many more children out there who need help too, and Things of My Very Own are doing great work in trying to help out as many families in crisis as possible.


The requests come in all forms with some children asking for some cool toys, whilst others are asking for new clothes as they have outgrown their old ones.

Another tag that caught my eye came from a 12-year-old girl who starts her tag with “I enjoyed puberty, said no one ever.” She asks for some new pants because she is too cool for her old ones, however, he need is again something a lot of us take for granted, “Feminine Hygiene Pads.”

Despite a lot of heart wrenching requests from some of the children, there are some that simply show that these kids are just kids and have all the innocence associated with childhood. One boy is concerned about his little brother stealing his toys.

If you are willing and able to help, you can do so by going to the website here:

Also be sure to check out their Facebook page too

No donation is too small and Things of My Very Own say “We thank you in advance for your generosity toward children in crisis this holiday season.”



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