This Dad Bends Over, Grabs His Daughter. What He Did Next Made Bystanders Stare

November 6, 2017
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Three years ago Andrew Decker and his 2-year-old daughter Emerson were enjoying some beach time, when the two decided to practice some gymnastic moves.

Emerson’s mother, Alice Montgomery was on hand to capture the moment on video, leaving beachgoers speechless.

Picture the scene, you’re on the beach and see a cute little girl in a two-piece swimsuit and oversized sunglasses being thrown into the air by her father. Of course, your intrigued and watch as the little girl does a 360-degree turn in the air before her father throws her up again and she lands perfectly on one foot in her father’s palm.

Incredible skills for a two-year-old, and her aunt, actress Brooklyn Decker thought so too and decided she had to get the video onto her social media.

“What a stud! My cousin @andrewdecker3 and his little gal @little_flyer_1 (who’s 2 by the way) are going viral on the interweb! They’re on Fox&Friends next… So excited for these kiddos! Video courtesy of mama @allison6709.” Decker shared this on her Instagram account to her 414,000 followers and it soon went viral.

The video has received many comments from impressed viewers. One user “debbie1363” says, “I think that they are amazing, and dad is pretty cool for teaching her at this age.. kudos dad…” while cokey44 says “dang those are some moves 👌👌👌”

Andrew, a cheerleading coach has been cheering since he was 4, and coaching since he was seven. He tells Fox and Friends that he began training his daughter at three months old where he would stand her up and hold her in his hand and build from there.Although Andrew has come under criticism from some people he says his daughter has

Although Andrew has come under criticism from some people he says his daughter has been doing tricks since before she was walking in a field that he has been practicing in all his life.

Emerson is now 5 years old and has her own Instagram page dedicated to her fascinating gymnastic skills. Her bio line reads “Hi I am Emerson. I’m 5 years old and love to stunt with my daddy, cheer, and dance.”

Be sure to check her out here


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