Dad Takes Hilarious Pics With His Baby Girl In Costumes And They’re Just Too Adorable

December 24, 2017
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Sholom Ber Solomon, a 36-year-old Dad from California, doesn’t need his daughter, Zoe, to persuade him to play dress up with her.

Their matching costumes are hilarious, and the ‘perfect duo’ dad and daughter has gone viral for the photos they took.

They have disguised as many different types of characters, including ballerinas, to hula dancers, and literally a bucket of fried chicken. Zoe’s dad, who is the vintage shop owner, had a previous reputation for posing in silly outfits.

But now, thanks to the incredibly adorable Zoe, his act has now dialed up to a 10. “I plan to take photos with her as long as she will let me,”- the father said.

The dynamic duo received more than 3000 likes on Facebook, and their story has penetrated all kinds of social networks. Well, we all want someone who would put on these fabulous costumes like this with us, right? Check out their cuteness below, and don’t forget to tell us what your most favourite is.



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