Disturbing Video Shows Girls Attack Oklahoma Woman Holding 6-month-old Baby

October 26, 2017
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**Warning: The language in the full video at the bottom of this page is graphic and may be offensive**

Disturbing Video Shows Girls Attack Oklahoma Woman Holding 6-month-old Baby

A juvenile has been arrested after allegedly fighting an Oklahoma woman who was holding a six-month-old baby. On Oct. 18th, in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, a woman who was carrying a six-month-old baby got attacked by two girls, as KSLA reported

In the video posted regarding the incident, Jeremy McCoy said the girls assaulted his daughter. His post has received more than seven million views. The video was also released on YouTube.
The victim, Janie McCoy, answered the phone from KLSA that she received an invitation to a friend’s home and was taking her son with her at the time. She said three girls then ran toward her and started yelling.

“They said that I said something about somebody wanting to fight somebody that I had no idea what they was talking about,” she recalled the incident.
In the video it can be seen that she was struck in the face and knocked to the ground while still holding her baby in her hand. They then allegedly continued following her back to her friend’s apartment, keep hitting her on the back.

Janie said she took her child to the doctor to make sure he was OK. Luckily the baby wasn’t injured. On Tuesday a teenage girl was arrested and has appeared on court. No other arrests have been made yet.

An online petition was started Monday on Change.org calling for the others’ arrests in the case. It’s gotten over 6,500 signatures so far.

Tuesday was an emotional day for the families of the five Clio teenagers who were charged with throwing rocks onto I-75 last week, killing a Mt. Morris man.

I-75 Rock Throwing Case Has Parents Worried About What Their Kids Are Up To

They were identified as 17-year-old Kyle Anger and 15-year-old Mark Sekelski, Mikadyn Payne, Alexander Miller and Trevor Gray. Anger was then singled out as the suspect that threw the rock that hit White.

The teens were all being charged as adults with one count of second degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, six counts apiece of felony malicious destruction of property and two counts apiece of misdemeanor malicious destruction of property.

All five appeared in 67th District Court in Flint, where the charges toward each of them were read by the judge. All of the boys pleaded not guilty without making any other statements about the case.

The other parents were shaken by the incident, not knowing what their kids are up to when they’re not at home. Lecretia Aderhold has been discussing about making good decisions with her 17 year old son for years.
She said “You have to a conversation with your kids, you have to talk to them, you have to make sure they’re making the right decisions.”
Aderhold said she just had another heart-to-heart talk after some of her son’s fellow students in Clio High School were charged in the rock throwing case.
“Who their friends are is very important, because their friends help them make their decisions everyday,” she stated.

Despite feelings for White’s family and friends — and the teens’ loved ones — but Aderhold knew one’s actions shall have consequences.
She pointed out “It was their friends that did it. It’s horrible now they are going to have find out the hard way how life is. They have to grow up real fast.”
A statement was released by Superintendent Fletcher Spears III of Clio Area Schools on Tuesday expressing condolences for White’s family and friends. He emphasized that the case is personal for many people who drive that stretch of I-75.

Spear wrote “This is an extremely difficult time for our entire community. Whether we knew Mr. White, those who are being charged and their families, or have driven this same stretch of road countless times, many of us have a personal connection with this senseless tragedy,”
He continued. “This is a stark reminder that we need to impress upon all of our young people that actions have consequences: and sometimes those consequences can be tragic.”
Spears also said that school officials are providing support to all the staff, students and community members affected by the incident.

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