Many of us are aware that Autism exists, but very few of us know hardcore facts about autism. Most of what the population knows is most likely, from celebrities and popular figures and their own personal experience with autism, but with such a prevalent diagnosis (Autism now affects 1 in 68 children and 1 in 42 boys according to we really need to be aware of the actual facts, as parents!

Facts About Autism

  • It’s Costly: Did you know? Autism costs a family $60,000 a year. From therapies to special schooling, the fastest growing developmental disorder is costly
  • Boys’ Club: Autism affects boys more often than girls; in fact, it occurs 4 to 5 more times in boys than girls
  • A Spectrum of People: They’re not all the same: People with autism are on a spectrum. 40% of individuals with Autism Spectrum disorder have an intellectual disability, whereas there are other individuals who are normal to above average in intelligence
  • Non-Verbal: Not all people with Autism Spectrum Disorder are non-verbal

Facts About the Symptoms of Autism

How does one identify Autism? It is difficult considering each individual may have different problems and issues as compared to someone else with autism. Here are some facts regarding Autism symptoms:

  • Difficulty Socializing: this may vary from person to person, but this is one of the cornerstone issues with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Some signs of difficulty are: if a child does not respond when hearing his or her name; a child preferring to not play with other children and seeking to be alone; not understanding social context clues
  • It Bears Repeating: An individual with ASD may struggle with changes in schedule or the environment. Stability and predictability keep children with ASD happy. It is common for children and people with ASD to engage in certain repetitive behaviors such as flapping or jumping
  • Communication Breakdown: Your child with ASD may miss social cues with his or her peers or misunderstand what someone is “saying” with his or her words

There is so much to learn about Autism. Rather than speculating or judging other parents with children who have ASD, research this developmental disorder first in order to “attempt” to understand what other parents may be feeling. And at the end of the day remember– each child is unique and his or her Autism Spectrum Disorder is truly a part of what makes him or her an amazing individual and child!

Laura Lifshitz

Laura Lifshitz is a pint-sized, battery-operated, tour de force of wit and will. A comedienne, writer, Columbia University graduate, former educator & ex- MTV personality, Laura will work for chocolate. A contributor for the New York Times The Motherlode, the Huffington Post, PopSugarMoms, HuffPostLive and more, read her rantings on sex, marriage, divorce, parenthood, and life at frommtvtomommy or follow her on Facebook or Twitter. She likes to make friends with strangers.

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