Heartbroken mother claims abortion is murder, with photos of her 14-week-old miscarried baby

August 21, 2017
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Heartbroken mother claims abortion is murder, with photos of her 14-week-old miscarried baby

(WARNING: Graphic images in the article)

A heartbroken mother has shared photos of her miscarried baby that she tragically lost at 14 weeks of pregnancy. She wants to highlight an important point: that abortion is equal to murder. For a pregnant woman who carries a baby in her womb, regardless of how small it is, it is still a precious life—a life that ought to be cherished.

Felicia Cash and her husband had struggled with infertility for 13 years until they adopted three girls. Afterward, Cash then gave birth to two sons within a few years.

During springtime this year, Cash was pregnant a third time with twins. But there were troubles early in her pregnancy.

“We had multiple pregnancy complications, starting at six weeks,” she told Live Action News. “I went into the hospital, bleeding, in fear of miscarriage. They did an ultrasound and told us that we had lost one of two, but that the second baby looked healthy and strong.”

Unfortunately, the doctors were wrong. “Monday morning, I had more bleeding and then pain,” said Cash. “It happened very suddenly. I told my husband he needed to come home from work—only a 20 minute drive—but before he could get here, my water broke and within 10 minutes I had delivered my tiny son into my own hands. …”

Baby Japeth Peace was born at 14 weeks, 6 days. Cash posted the stillborn baby’s photos on Facebook to show people that even at just three-and-half months’ gestation, a child is not just “a cluster of cells,” “a lump of tissue,” or “a blob of unformed flesh.”

“Our beautiful Japeth Peace, miscarried July 24th at 14 weeks 6 days. He is perfectly and wonderfully formed, right down to his amazing tiny toes and fingers,” reads the post. “Even his fingernails are formed and visible. Tiny veins that carried his own blood to his precious body can be seen through his delicate skin, even his wonderfully formed muscles are visible.”

Cash sincerely hopes that her posts can help pregnant women who are thinking about abortion to reconsider it, for aborting their baby would be killing their baby.

“As a final plea, if you are considering abortion, please take time to find the truth and reconsider. This is not an effort to shame, belittle, or condemn anyone in any way. It is the plea of a woman who just lost her child for you to at least consider other options.”

“I know that many women feel that they have no other choice, and later they regret their decision to have an abortion,” Cash told Live Action News.

“As miserable as this event has been, and as heart rending and tearful,” Cash said, “I still thank God that I have been able to share Japeth’s precious life.”

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