Jill Dillard Causes Quite A Stir With Troublesome Toddler Pictures

November 22, 2017
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Counting On star Jill Dillard has posted a picture of her troublesome toddler online, and any parent or caregiver of a child can relate all too well to it.

The picture in question shows her 2-year-old son Israel ‘playing’ with diaper rash cream, and boy did he make a little mess. Like most parents’ Jill has got her hands full with two toddlers under two years old. Her youngest Samuel is just 4 months.


Taking to Instagram the mom of two said “That moment when the house gets quiet and you’re like, “oh no! Where is my 2 year old?!” Yup…I found him on the floor behind the chair in his room putting diaper rash cream in his hair!”

The cute snaps show little Israel’s innocent face as he is caught red-handed with the cream. Although she tried to wash his hair a few times she says “he still has a greasy look to his hair. Haha. #kidswillbekids”

Her post has gained almost 53,000 likes and numerous comments from amused parents who can identify in some way with Jill’s post. Most of the comments were from people who had their own experiences with their kids getting into mischief around the house.

One user said “My oldest, now 5, spread diaper cream all over his body. It was the Burt’s Bees and it was the thick stuff. That took forever to get out.” While others have commented saying “The things kids do. It gets worse lol,” and “That’s just too funny a typical child.”

Even Jill’s husband Derick got in on the act, clearly oblivious at the time commenting “Jill… what the hell?” Regardless, the post has entertained a lot of people and one thing is for sure, Jill is not alone when it comes to having busy toddlers.

This is not the first time a picture from Jill’s Instagram has caused a stir. In September, she posted a series of pictures from a family holiday and one, in particular, gained quite a lot of attention. Albeit Negative attention.

The picture shows what appears to be a tortilla wrap on the baby’s head and of course many were quick to criticize her judgement for using a tortilla as protection against the son.


Some of the comments included “Sorry but a tortilla? Really? Imagine how hot that would get, his head would be fried,” “I agree he needs to be under a stroller or have a hat. It’s ridiculous. If they live willingly in the public eye, they should understand people will criticize.”

However, others saw a funny side to the picture and commended her for using what she had, saying “gotta do what you gotta do.” Most of the comments were from normal people who see a family picture and comment on the family as a whole not what a child appears to be wearing.

I for one look forward to more funny stories from Jill, which I am in no doubt will come with two kids under 2 in the house. Check out her Instagram yourself here :https://www.instagram.com/jillmdillard/?hl=en


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