Julia Stiles Has Given Birth And People Can’t Stop Making Fun Of Her Baby’s Name

November 27, 2017
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Celebrity pregnancies are always fun to follow because new babies are always good news and it’s interesting to see how our favorite stars make their way into parenthood.

It’s a bit weird weird to think of these celebrities as real people sometimes though. We often we get to know them as a character on TV or in a movie and seeing their personal life unfold is a totally different experience.

Julia Stiles announced her pregnancy not too long ago and now she’s shared the news she’s a mom.

Celebrities are not able to do anything without people pouring their own opinions on them.

Even when it’s something as happy as welcoming a baby to the world.

If “fans” aren’t getting upset over the fact they’re now a parent, or over how many kids they already have, they’re going to find fault with something. And its absolutely no different for Julia Stiles’ baby news.

Julia took to her social media to share the news that she and her husband welcomed a baby into the world. The photo was cute and simple, the caption was pretty much every baby announcement, and then the hate started. Why?

To keep in line with other celebs, Julia gave her child a name that’s a bit out of the ordinary.

It’s unique and people had a hard time just holding back their feelings 

In June of this year, the 10 Things I Hate About You star confirmed that she was expecting her first child with then finance Preston J. Cook, whom she met on the set of a film where he was working as a camera assistant.

The two got married at the end of September.

The private actress shared a photo of a close up of her wedding dress, her baby bump, and her now husband’s hand placed there with his wedding ring.

There hasn’t been a lot of information about Julia’s pregnancy since she doesn’t seem to be one to chat too much about her private life.

However during an interview with SirusXM’s Wake Up With Taylor in September, Julia chatted a bit about not really feeling like she’s nesting too much, though said she’s starting to settle down. She also then confessed she doesn’t have much of a birth plan.

While at the time she wasn’t sharing her baby’s name, she confessed some didn’t really care for it.

“Both sets of grandparents don’t like the name that we came up with,” she said during the interview. “But they’re gonna get over it.”

Some people chimed in on waiting so long to announce.

“How in the world did you keep this secret for over a month?” one comment reads. “Congrats btw.”

While she doesn’t announce the sex of the baby, most people focused in on the name, assuming it was a little boy, and people had some strong feelings to the name.

It’s not entirely hard to believe that neither set of grandparents were too thrilled about the name…..Strummer Newcomb

Along with the image, Julia shares that her baby’s name is Strummer Newcomb.

Several comments came in on her Instagram photo congratulating the mama and praising the name.

“congrats and I love the name! It’s very cool,” jscarlile writes on Instagram. “Congratulations- what a beautiful little hand and equally beautiful name ❤️❤️❤️,” another comment reads.

“Congratulations, great name – My son is “Strummer Hale” he will be 5 in March,” writes Jesseles.

There were a few people who left confused reactions to her baby’s name under her photo as well.

“U name the kid Stummer so ta gonna teach him to play string instruments??” one Instagram user writes. Another is a little more vocal about their dislike of the name “you should be ASHAMED of that name, unbelievable, terrible mother.

The real hate came in when PEOPLE shared the story on their Facebook page.

The comments section was full of people being plain rude.

“I couldn’t even write the “name” ‘Strummer’ at first without it being auto-corrected to ‘Drummer’…

“I never comment on baby names on FB (unless I love the name). This is my exception. I feel so sorry for the boy. The name Strummer couldn’t be any dumber!”

“Wonder if the kid will grow up to be a strummer strumming the guitar or maybe a drummer. Strummer the drummer.”

” Poor kids, they name their kids the most ridiculous names. I would never do it mine”

” I can understand wanting to be unique. But come on people. That is the most ridiculous name, besides Apple, that I’ve ever heard. Spurgeon is pretty bad too LOL”

” I mean congrats to them and I’m happy for them and all but I truly hope that there is some amazing story behind that ridiculous name! “


What do you think of the name?

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