LOL! Hilarious Christmas Card Captures The Feeling Of Being THAT Sibling

November 29, 2017
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Emily Seawright has summed up every single girl’s feelings with one family picture and the results are hilarious.

Being single is great in a lot of ways. You have the freedom to do whatever you want to do and live your life as a free spirit. However, if you’ve been single for a while now, you know that having your own independence can come with an onslaught of awkward questions especially at family occasions.

Que Emily and her well-timed Twitter post. Emily shared her family’s Christmas card on Twitter in which she can be seen standing next to her parents and siblings who are all holding up signs with their respective statuses on them.

Her parents and siblings are holding signs reading “Excited,” “Engaged,” “Expecting” while Emily is at the end of the line holding up her own sign which simply says “Emily”.

We all know how it feels to be the only single one amongst family and friends. Every second week we hear news of engagements or pregnancies or anything else our friends and family want to share with the world.

Most of the time we don’t mind seeing a barrage of happy news flooding our social media feeds; after all, we’re just happy for each other right? Well yes, however, we also know the feeling of pressure that comes with not having any earth-shattering news to share.

Emily’s picture has been retweeted almost 53,000 times with nearly 317,000 likes and close to 900 comments from people who can identify. “We are all Emily,” seems to be the general consensus.

Of course, since sharing the picture she has had offers from Twitter users offering to change her single status as well as an onslaught of basketball memes for her Slam Dunk picture. You can check it out fro youself on Emily’s Twitter page here:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being single, enjoy it, embrace it and if you roll like Emily poke fun at it. But it can be very tiring answering the same “Are you seeing anyone?” or “Are you ever going to settle down?” or my all-time favorite “You’re not getting any younger, don’t you think you should find yourself a partner?”

Emily’s post has gone viral because of the raw truth in it that many of us don’t want to admit. But as you can see, there are thousands of people in the same boat. So if you’re feeling down or under pressure from family and friends this holiday season, take a look at this and know you are not alone.

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Be proud of who you are. You are not defined by your relationship status!



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