Mom Allegedly Throws Newborn, Breaks His Skull, During Heated Argument With Baby’s Father

December 3, 2017
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As a parent, a headline such as this one is hard to read.

There have been so many instances that’s happened where a story comes out that seems like there is no way that a real person (let alone a Mother) could do what they’re accused of.

It’s even worse when it’s committed against children or little babies, but that’s what Heidy Rios has been accused of doing to her own little baby.

When you become a parent, stress levels are high as there are new things that you have to deal with. For some people, they’re lucky to have the support of a partner or family and friends. Others aren’t in a situation where they can actually get help and I can’t imagine how challenging that would be.

According to PEOPLE, 24-year-old Heidy Rios was arrested and accused of hurting her 3-week-old baby. Records obtained by the magazine indicate that the mom has been accused of fracturing her newborn baby son’s skull when she threw the baby during a heated argument with the baby’s father.

A heated argument

Sleep deprivation and a 3-week-old baby can be frustrating if they’re constantly screaming.

BUT, throwing a baby is just not the right thing to do!!!

Records obtained by PEOPLE allege that the 24-year-old new Mother from Terrytown, Louisiana, was charged with cruelty to a juvenile.

The reports indicate that the injury to the baby happened the day before, according to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

The report also says that Rios’ boyfriend, who is also the 3-week-old baby’s father rushed the little boy to Children’s Hospital in New Orleans.

The doctors took over care of the baby, who was just 26 days old, and after running tests they diagnose the baby with having a fracture on the side of his skull.

When the hospital made the diagnosis, they contacted the police, according to records, and the police got in contact with the baby’s father.

Reports say that the dad says that he was arguing with Heidy Rios. At some point during the argument, he says she allegedly grabbed their 3-week-old son and threw him at the feet of the father while yelling, “Take your [expletive] son,” according to the report.

The police say that she admitted to fighting with the baby’s father, but she denied that she was holding the baby when she was arguing with the bay’s dad.

She, apparently, told the police that she didn’t even know her baby was injured.

But, police continued to investigate what happened, and it turns out the mom did eventually change her story a bit after they spoke to someone else.

The mom ended up changing her story about holding or not holding the baby when a “neutral witness” came forward.

The reports say this “neutral witness” told the police and other authorities that the young mother was actually holding the baby when she was fighting with the baby’s father.

Allegedly after being confronted with that, Heidy changed her story and said that she “may have dropped the child” when she was in an argument with the baby’s dad.

PEOPLE reports Heidi Rios is being held on bail, though no amount has been made public. She apparently does not have a lawyer and hasn’t entered a plea to the charge that’s been brought against her.

PEOPLE reports they tried to determine how the little baby was doing now, but they were not able to receive much information.

They were however able to have authorities confirm that the baby’s injuries were not life-threatening, so hopefully the little baby is making a recovery in the hands of people who will love and protect him.

Is there more to this story, do you think?

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