Mom Surprises Fearless Toddler With “Evil Unicorn”

October 21, 2017
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A “fearless” toddler had met his match when his Mother introduced him to a rather terrifying creature: Glenda Glitterpoop the Unicorn.

Jessica Magyar’s four kids didn’t suspect their mom was up to any tricks when she bought them a plush unicorn doll recently.

But the toy—a Feisty Pet named Glenda Glitterpoop—actually transforms into an angry creature and reveals a set of nasty fangs when it is squeezed.

Knowing this, Jessica came up with the idea to individually prank her children and film their reactions to the unicorn’s scary transformation.

Magyar’s innocent prank seemed to get laughs from all of her children—but only until it came to 2-year-old Weston.

The three other ones thought it was funny and laughed,” 31-year-old Magyar, from Watertown, Wisconsin, tells PEOPLE. “But Weston is my most fearless one, so I was expected him to do the same, but that didn’t happen!”

In a video posted to Facebook, Magyar holds the toy in front of 2-year-old Weston, and as soon as he tries to grab it, she squeezes the doll to reveal its fangs and Weston immediately jumps back in terror.

“I was just as surprised by his reaction as he was surprised by the toy! It was definitely not what I thought would happen with him,” Magyar says. “He likes to be scary and growl at people, and scare everyone, so I thought he would find it funny!”

Luckily, Weston got over the fright just a few moments later.

“It was obviously very funny, so I laughed, but I did feel bad and I comforted him right away,” she recalls. “We hugged and he seemed fine, and I just showed him the toy again from a safe distance and he gave it a side-eye, but was okay with it.”

Magyar then shared the video of Weston’s reaction to her Facebook account where it quickly received attention from people all over social media.

Image Credit: Jessica Magyar

“My husband, Chris, thought the video went viral after it reached 200 shares, but I told him we needed thousands of shares to go viral!” Magyar says while laughing. “Then he gave up and said he doesn’t know how going viral works.”

The video has gone viral: it has already more than a million shares on Facebook since it was posted on October 11.

While feedback from commenters has largely been positive, Magyar has also received some criticism for pranking her 2-year-old. But she says she’s just brushing it off.

Image Credit: Jessica Magyar

I don’t think there is any aspect of parenting where people will fully agree with everything you do,” she says. “I just let it roll off my back and be secure in who I am as a mom, and realize not everyone is going to like what you do no matter what you do.”

Thankfully, Weston has warmed up to his newfound social media fame, and he asks his mom if he can watch the video almost every day.

He loves to be funny,” Magyar says, “so the fact that we watch it with him and laugh, he thinks that’s the best thing.”

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