Mom Tells Husband Her Stressful Day Was ‘Normal’ – Then Toddler Tells Dad The Actual Story

October 30, 2017
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Let’s face it — moms are superheroes. They can multi-task like nobody’s business and their motherly love toward their children is astounding. The things moms can do are simply amazing.

Mom Tells Husband Her Stressful Day Was ‘Normal’ – Then Toddler Tells Dad The Actual Story

Over 5.3 million people were touched by this moving video and its powerful message. It’s called “A Normal Day,” and it portrays the typical ‘normal day’ for one mother with two young children, and it’s a video that many mothers can relate to.

The mom in the video started her day before it began with her young child screaming “Mom!” from her bedroom. She needed comforting because there was a monster in her room. Then came the sibling battles. Mom rushed in to diffuse the situation.

Even though her day had just begun, this supermom deals with each and every stressful situation like a champ.
Then came the dreaded trip to the grocery store. When she’s loading her fussy kids in their carseats, the real struggle started. Of course, the grocery store was an adventure in and of itself, but she braved through it all.

Then came the messes. Her young daughter carried a brand new beautiful cake across the kitchen. Eventhough she saw the plate tilting from afar, the mother couldn’t get to it in time — the entire cake fell to the floor. The mother collapsed to the floor in surrender, but she knew it’s all part of a mother-life.

As her husband returned home from work and asked his wife how her day was: “It was a normal day,” she said, reflecting back on her day filled with temper tantrums and hissy fits. Imagine the chaos of mealtime. Not to mention constant messes and the diaper changes. But to her — even though it was chaotic and stressful, this was ‘normal.’

So a lot of mothers might feel overworked, over-stressed, and under-appreciated. However, it’s such videos that every mom should watch. The message at the end of this video was powerful, and all moms deserve to hear and watch it. When the dad asked his daughter how her day was, the mother was surprised by her response. Grab a tissue for this one.

Ben Carpenter wasn’t like many 21-year-olds. He knew exactly what title he wanted, and it wasn’t about a job position.

Single Man Fulfills Dream Of Becoming A Dad By Adopting 4 Disabled Children

Carpenter wanted to be a father and had began the adoption process at the young age of 21. He attended a panel where votes determined whether or not he would move forward with the necessary recommendation.

On the Full Time Tired blog, Carpenter wrote a guest poster “I’d worked with children and adults with complex needs so I knew adopting children with additional needs was my niche…My mother remembers me as a little boy wanting to be a daddy”.

When he did not get the recommendation, it felt like his “world crashed.”  At 25, he was losing hope that he would ever be able to fulfill his dream of becoming a dad by adopting as a single man.

His social worker reminded him that he still had a chance with an overrule by the independent decision maker. Sure enough, Carpenter was approved!
He went on to adopt four children with disabilities. The British show “This Morning” invited the amazing family where Carpenter was labeled as “Britain’s Most Inspiring Single Dad.” And it is easy to see why he received that label. Now 33 years old, Carpenter went on to describe the various needs his children have during their television appearance.

He said, “Jack has autism and Ruby has such complex needs it would take me all day to explain them. Lily is profoundly deaf and Joseph has Down Syndrome,” according to Sunny Skyz.
Even though a single dad to “special children”, it hasn’t stopped him from having a social life. In fact, he’s “seen and done more things with the children than he would have done before adopting them.”as explained in his guest blog post.

Carpenter has had an overwhelmingly positive experience adopting children with disabilities, but he has made sure to comment that it is not for everybody. His patient and loving nature, in combine with the excitement from watching the children’s growth have contributed to who he is as a father today.

“I am not going to sugar-coat it because it’s not for the faint-hearted,” he told the Huddersfield Examiner. “You have to be 100% committed”.
The developmental improvements happening with the four children would amaze social workers and medical professionals alike. Of course, Carpenter feels like he is the lucky one whose dream came true as he raises his four well-loved children.

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