This Mom Transformed Her Daughter Into A Trolls Character With The Best Costume Ever

November 1, 2017
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An Ohio mother has significantly raised her profile recently after coming up with an epic Halloween costume for her adorable 1-year-old toddler.

Taking inspiration from the hit movie “Trolls”, Chiquia Waters created her own unique, homemade costume for her daughter Abrielle.

As most proud parents do, Chiquia posted photos and a video of her ‘Princess Poppy’ to her social media, which quickly received over 22,000 views.

Having seen the post, Universal Icons Productions shared the video and pictures on their Facebook account, where it has since gained more than 21.5 million views, almost 9,000 shares and a cool 18,000 comments.

The mother of two has spoken about being “humbled” by the feedback saying; “My mind is blown, I would have never guessed it was going to be this big in a million years. All I wanted to do was make her a super cute troll.”    

The costume has received masses of praise from the online community with such comments like “Omg she is the cutest troll I have ever seen!!!!!!!great fantastic job mom and daughter”, “You guys nailed this!! I’m seeing her all over Instagram” and “She wins Halloween, hands down!!!”.  A job well done indeed.


In a Facebook post on 31st October, an evidently excited Chiquia told her 1100+ friends that after hours of interviews, Disney had been in contact to do an interview about her creative masterpiece.

Adding to the hype, Hollywood actress Anna Kendrick who voiced the character of Princess Poppy in the Trolls said her ‘heart is bursting from cute’ after seeing the post. ———

Waters of Twinsburg, Ohio designed and made the entire costume in just two days while spending only $30 on supplies. A venture which is sure to inspire other parents to do the same.

In order to make the hair-raising wig, Waters spray-painted synthetic hair and fixed it to a cone-shaped board. She made the ears from fabric and sewed the dress herself. Very impressive for her first homemade costume.


Having originally planned to buy a costume like millions of other parents this time of year, Chiquia decided to make her own because none of the costumes she found in the shops fit her vision for the perfect costume. “That’s kind of what motivated me to do it myself.” Waters said.

“My goal was to make her the cutest Princess Poppy I could. It feels great knowing that so many people are loving what I made,” she said.

Chiquia has decided to make all of Abrielle’s Halloween costumes from now on, and she has set the bar very high indeed. When asked if she has any ideas for next year yet, she said “I guess that would be determined by what character she is obsessing about next year. Princess Poppy is such a cute character; it was so fun taking on the challenge to portray her.”

The talented mother has also posted video tutorials on her YouTube page ‘Creatively Chi’ showing everyone how she went about making the now viral Princess Poppy costume. You can find her videos here.

Little Abrielle even has her own Instagram account where you can find even more pictures of the little fashionista. Check her out here.

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