Mother Forgives Her Son For ‘Brutally’ Killing His Baby Sister

December 28, 2017
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As parents, we all have the need to provide for our kids and keep them safe.

It’s devastating to have to think about losing any of our children. It’s literally my biggest fear in life.

The grief which follows is like an unending pit in your stomach. It’s extremely complicated and painful.

If your child gets ill and dies, there’ll an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness. If a child passes away from an accident, there may be some guilt and confusion wondering how or if it could have been different.

But for one Mom, Charity Lee, the death of her daughter was even more complicated.

Charity Lee was working as a waitress on Super Bowl Sunday in 2007 when the unthinkable took place.

Police arrived at her restaurant and gave her the devastating news that her little girl, Ella, had passed away.

According to Lee, an officer sat the Mother down and explained that something had happened to her 4-year-old-daughter.

She screamed at the Police officer, asking to be taken to her child when she was told “Ella has been killed.”

When the woman asked where her older child was, 13-year-old Paris, Charity Lee never expected to hear what she did next.

As per her interview with  Good Housekeeping, Charity recounts the day that her world was turned completely upside down.

 Charity asked about her 13-year-old son, Paris — wanting to know if he was safe and OK.“One officer sat me down and explained that something had happened to my 4-year-old daughter, Ella. I started yelling at him to take me to her,” Charity said.She said that the moment she was told her daughter was killed, she fainted and when she finally came to, she asked if her oldest child was okay.

She said that the moment she was told her daughter was killed, she fainted and when she finally came to, she asked if her oldest child was okay.

“No, he’s alive and at the police station but you can’t see him because he hasn’t asked for you,” said the officer. Confused by those words, Charity said that she’s his mother and demanded to be taken to him

“Ma’am, we can’t do that. Paris was the one who murdered Ella,” the officer dropped.

Charity’s son reportedly admitted to stabbing his little sister to death and did so as a form of revenge on his mom.

According to reports, before Ella was killed on February 4, 2007, Paris convinced the babysitter to go home and he then went to his 4-year-old half sister who was asleep in her bed.

Reports say that he sexually assaulted her, then repeatedly stabbed her. When she had died, Paris called 911 himself and admitted to everything he just did.

“He ultimately stabbed her 17 times with a knife. She died, but not quickly, as I’d later find out,” Charity said.

The reason? It was all payback to his mother who had apparently relapsed a few years before.

Lee was addicted to heroin earlier in her life but was able to get clean before getting pregnant with Paris.

The Mother relapsed later when Paris was 11 and Ella was two, this time on cocaine, but was able to get clean again.

During this time, Paris had taken care of Ella and apparently he resented this so much that he wasn’t able to forgive her.

So this is how he showed his anger and took revenge.“Paris was an incredibly smart child. He was artistic, creative, and he never displayed violent or disturbing tendencies, until one day in 2005,” Lee told Good Housekeeping.

Of course, we had our issues: He was a teenager and I was maintaining sobriety, but Paris never threatened to hurt me or anybody else,” she said. “I was honestly more worried about him hurting himself. I never, at any point, had any indication that he could kill.”

What an awful set of circumstances for this family.


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