Mother Issues Warning To Parents After 11-Month-Old Baby Falls From 2nd Story Window

July 29, 2017
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With the warmer weather we experiencing, it’s not uncommon for people to open windows for fresh air.

While thoughts of a cooler room sound refreshing, open windows could pose a serious danger to children.

Mom Erin Cumiskey is warning parents about the importance of window safety after her 11-month-old fell out of a two-story window, which resulted in a fractured skull and other injuries.

The single mom from Texas says her baby girl Madeline was at her babysitter’s house when the accident occurred.

With the window open and the screen in place, no one expected the 11-month-old to fall through the second story window. “When I got there, I just saw the screen on the driveway, and I knew that was where my baby fell,” Cumiskey says.

Madeline was put on an air ambulance to Children’s Medical Center Dallas, where doctors were forced to operate.

Erin reveals that someone held her daughter’s neck during the surgery for three hours so doctors could stabilize the 11-month-old.
 Thankfully, Madeline is doing well now and has survived the ordeal.

We don’t see this [injuries from falling out of a window] during the winter,” Lori Vinson, Children’s Medical Center senior director of trauma services, told WFAA Channel 8.

It’s during the spring and summer months.”

An estimated 15 to 20 children die each year from falling out of windows, with around 15,000 suffering from injuries which makes this danger a hazard we cannot overlook.

As Erin says, Madeline is “doing great,” and that’s a happy ending to a cautionary story this mom hopes never becomes a reality for anyone else.

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