Mother Refuses To Let Husband Bathe Their Daughter ‘Because They Have Different Body Parts’

December 26, 2017
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There are a many ways that parents can divide the household chores and taking care of kids, right?

In this day and age it’s great to have someone to be able to split these things up. I’m sure you can ask any single mother how much easier it is when it’s not all on you.

When you are raising children when both parents are living in the home, there is a struggle over combining both of your beliefs, or at least coming to a compromise.

Just as this family who probably have a couple fights over it because mom refuses to let her husband do this one thing for their daughter — help with the bathing.

According to reports, a mother took to Facebook to share her concerns over allowing her husband to bathe their daughter. The post got some pretty mixed reviews.

“So hubby is upset with me because I have told him that I don’t [want him to] wash our two daughters in the bath or shower. I just don’t feel comfortable for a man to do this,” she wrote on her social media. “I have said I don’t have any issues with him bathing our son as well, he’s a boy.”

“I just believe that girls should be getting washed by their mothers and boys get the same from their fathers,” she continued. “It’s just got to do with the fact that mum and daughters have the same parts, same goes for men and their sons.”

In the post, the unnamed Mother says that her husband doesn’t understand why she’s being so protective of their daughter – especially with him.

However, that’s still not getting her to ease off and back down.

“Hubby thinks I think ill of him but it’s always been this way for me and with how people play the ‘I was molested card’ so very often these days, I just don’t want in any way to give my kids the chance to even think about that,” she added.

Honestly, I’m not sure I even understand the reasoning, but there were many mixed replies online.

Some people supported her decision to be so careful with her daughter in these situations. But many felt her worries were placed in in the wrong place.

“You have more than a few screws loose, you shouldn’t even be thinking like that putting your partner in the same category as a child sex predator,” one person said.

“This post says a lot about how you see yourself and your negative way of life,” another person added.

“Sad how you tell your husband not to bathe his own kids.”

Another accused the young mother of “sexualising bath time,” and another comment came in wondering what single parents are supposed to do with this logic.

“What about single parents? Should they not bath their son or daughters in case they molested them?”  she said.

“Talk about placing stigma where stigma is not warranted,” another critic said.

It’s clear people there are just as thrown off by this…

One person writes, “The daughter is NOT HER DAUGHTER it’s their daughter so if he wants to wash her he can. This woman needs a good shrink.”

What are your thoughts on this?

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