Neighbor Knows When She Sees 7-Year-Old Boy & Little Sister In Cold Outside Crying

December 30, 2017
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Sometimes, unfortunate situations are out of our control, and it’s just terrible when they happen right around the holidays.

Most people want to spend Christmas in good spirits with their family and friends, but for 7-year-old Demetrius Gay Jr., it was spent terribly worrying about his grandma.

Over Christmas time, Demetrius’ granny, Brenda, babysat him and his 4-year-old sister while their parents were working.

On one of those visits, the boy discovered that his grandma passed out on her bathroom floor.

“She wasn’t getting up,” he told reporters. “I was trying to tell her if she was OK. She didn’t answer.”

Demetrius immediately knew the situation was very serious. He assumed that his Gran was on the verge of dying and tried finding her phone to dial 911.

When that didn’t work, he and sister, Danyel, ran out to find some help. “I was hoping that someone might come and notice,” he said.

Luckily, someone did – a neighbor knew that she had to help when she saw the 7-year-old boy and his little sister in the cold outside, crying.

Demetrius’s Mother, Tonika, said that the woman figured something was wrong as soon as she spotted the children.

“Especially when it’s cold and they’re on the sidewalk and it kind of made her nervous to think, ‘okay what is going on. You guys are not supposed to be outside,’” she stated.

The woman’s quick reaction helped to get Brenda to the hospital just in time.

Family members soon learned that the Grandmother had suddenly fallen ill with meningitis.

As Brenda recovered in the ICU, she made sure to thank her grandson for saving her life. “She tells all the nurses he’s her hero,” said Tonika.

Heroic boy, 7, saves grandmother during Christmas visit

— WIS News 10 (@wis10) December 26, 2017

Demetrius received a lot of hugs from his Grandmother since that day, but the best part of this story is that Brenda was eventually back home with her family for Christmas.

That’s the only thing that Demetrius could’ve asked for.

“I wished for toys, but the most thing I wished for was for my Grannie to come,” he said. “I’m just excited that she was OK.”

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