New Dad Writes Cute Note Asking Other Dads to ‘Respect the Mother of Your Child’

September 18, 2017
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Every single woman on earth knows just how hard it is to stay at home and take care of the kids while their partner goes to work every day, even though that partner might think it’s not so hard.

I’m sure that all the stay-at-home Mom’s who experience this, can count the number of days their husbands would come home and give them the side eye silently wondering what you could possibly be doing all day that I didn’t have time to make dinner or clean the house!

While most days dinner will be on the table and the house is clean, we all know that doesn’t happen every day as kids are a lot of messy, tiring work and not even superwoman can do everything that needs to be done in a house and take care of a child every day.

It seems that one new Father is finally realizing that all the hard work his fiancee and mother of his child does. And he wanted to thank her by posting a moving note to his facebook page.

Speaking about his fiancee Charlotte Sperry, Tony Emms took to Facebook to express his appreciation after taking a picture of Charlotte sleeping peacefully with their infant son. Tony began the post by writing, “I sometimes don’t give this woman the credit she is due, when I come from work she is always ‘tired,’” Emms wrote in the post.

“Now it’s me who has been at work doing stuff all day, but lately I’ve been thinking what this amazing woman does while I’m out.”He then goes on to write about how his fiancee gets up with the baby at the crack of dawn only feed him and play with him and at nap time, instead of resting herself she ends up cleaning the house and sorting toys, (sound familiar ladies!?). Half the day is gone before she realizes she hasn’t even eaten yet, however he still has gotten annoyed when he arrives home writing,

“I come home from working and get annoyed that o have to tidy up and say mummy hasn’t done anything yet she has worked her ass of all day to make sure the baby is healthy and happy…”

It seems that Tony has finally realized that being a stay at home Mom isn’t all milkshakes and donuts on the couch while baby plays contentedly alone in a corner!

How can anyone possibly think that a woman at home with a baby all day is doing nothing?

Fortunately Tony has realized the error of his ways and posted this touching tribute to Charlotte where he not only recognizes all the hard work she does, but also encourages other men to ‘respect the mother of your child.’ In a follow up post Tony revealed the reason behind his words saying

It was just to let my partner know how much I love and care for her and that I was sorry that I ever thought she did nothing while I was at work.

“I can’t wait to save up for our wedding and put a ring on this girls finger.”

What do you think about Tony’s words?


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