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Officers “breathalyse toddler” – and it’s absolutely adorable

Cheshire Police caused a stir on Twitter after pretending to pull over a toddler driving a toy car for a breathalyser test.

Officers from the force posed for a photo where they pretended to question a youngster in a tiny pink mini cooper – racking up hundreds of likes and shares.

The picture, which showed one of the officers kneeling down to breathalyse the girl, was posted alongside a caption which said she had “drank a couple of bottles”.

It read: “ Officers asked the drivers parents if she had been drinking. They replied she’d had a couple of bottles that morning.”

The post has received hundreds of comments from amused followers – with neighbouring forces even joining in.

Nantwich Police joked: “A little reckless to allow the driver to remain in the vehicle with keys in ignition! Would be an interesting pursuit.”

Twitter user @PopTarantula said: “Driver tested positive for Calpol. #Reported.”

@Marf_ added: “Now she’s on tag and can’t go the spar without you making a fuss.”

The post has even attracted attention from as far as Canada – with Michelle Branch commenting: “Aw so cute! Be easy on her, lol. Best wishes from Canada!”

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