‘Pumpkin Butts’ Sparking Heated Debate

October 20, 2017
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Moms all over the US are currently searching for adorable ways to celebrate Fall with their little ones.

Some are opting for traditional fall activities but others are going with the #pumpkinbutt tag in Instagram.

The hashtag has been filling up our feed with adorable baby butts covered in artistic renditions of orange pumpkins.

No doubt, the photos are adorable at first glance, but believe it or not, some parents are actually calling the trend dangerous.

Image credit: Instagram/Melaniesc82

In the photos, many of the kids are running freely through pumpkin patches and others are just enjoying some naked time at home.

Image credit: latasha_m_dove/Instagram

Some Mothers, like Gina Fenton, don’t view the trend as simply the fun, harmless activity it started out as. “My moral compass registers NO pretty much immediately,” she said in a blog post about the trend on Sammiches and Psych Meds.

In her post, Fenton says she has no problem with moms taking cute tushy pictures. Nor does she have a problem with  letting the kids flourish in all of their naked joy in “family settings.”

Her only issue with #pumpkinbutt stems more from the lack of autonomy on the child’s side and the concept of posting the photos online without the baby’s consent.

And many are agreeing with Fenton’s point, arguing that parents are forcing children into these activities without their consent.

Others agree the pics are very cute but shouldn’t be shared on social media.

Image credit: Instagram/Stephanieojeda99

They still say that the photos of the activity shouldn’t be shared on public social media accounts where anyone can see them.

But what is the big deal?

Some people, may just be making the social media trend out to be dangerous?

While others view it as harmless fun that makes for cute memories and a cool — if slightly difficult to accomplish — photo op.

If you don’t agree with it, don’t paint a pumpkin on your baby’s ass,” one mother wrote. “Problem solved.”

Some went as far as telling those who are against #pumpkinbutt to focus their energy on things that are “truly” harmful to children.

It’s not a major shock that something as innocent as #pumpkinbutt has sparked such a lot of debate. The Internet is full of opinions, especially when it comes to kids.

I think the photos of baby bottoms in paint may embarrass your children in the future…. But chances are that every photo, no matter how innocent, will do that.

Do you see any harm?



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