Having A Rainbow Baby? Don’t Miss This Footprint Keepsake Idea

October 29, 2017
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One of the things that I looked forward to most as a mom-to-be was seeing my baby’s footprints on his birth certificate. As it is rarely that you are asked to ink and stamp your foot any time for the rest of your life, it’s a real newborn thing.

Having A Rainbow Baby? Don’t Miss This Footprint Keepsake Idea

My firstborn son’s footprints turned out great, but when my second son got his done, one of his little toes didn’t make it on the page. A note had to be made declaring that all five of his digits were, in fact, present.

But as excited as I was getting my kids’ official footprints inked, somehow it has never occurred to me just how tiny their feet were as infants to make a more careful keepsake. Naturally, I squeed a little bit stumbling upon these pictures from birth photographer Leilani Rogers.

She wrote in a Facebook post: “Hallelujah for rainbow babies (and fun stamp pads for their birth certificates).” Isn’t that an adorable, vibrant way to celebrate the arrival of a little one for a family that’s been through loss?

One of Leilani’s followers commented: “Awww! That’s so precious! I didn’t know they do this! One just has to request it?”, wanting to know more.
While you can expect a hospital to make the official black ink footprints, you’ll need to prepare these rainbow ones yourself.

Leilani further explained that her “clients buy the stamp pad and bring it with them to the birth.” This idea is now being shared by many who are expecting little miracles on the way, so that they can plan ahead and create this keepsake as well.

My husband went on to have our boys’ footprint tattooed onto his shoulders. I love seeing those tiny feet as a reminder of how much grown they are, and imagining colorful feet tattoos would look amazing as well!

Sophia Elyssa Chiappalone has what could be described as a “broken heart.” Yet, her images in a mock bridal photography shoot clearly display her happy spirit.

Age 5 Girl with No Life Expectancy ‘Marries’ Best Friend Before Open-Heart Surgery

Sophia’s broken heart was the reason that she appeared as a beautiful bride, not despite of it. And she is not one of those young women with relationship problems or child bride about to entering marriage.

Sophia is 5 years old, and this “broken heart” was with her from the start.
June 2012, her mom, Kristy Somerset-Chiappalone, gave birth to her. Sophia was born at 38 weeks, which comparing to her two older sisters was a longer gestational age.

Unfortunately, both the umbilical cord and Sophia were diagnosed with complications. Miraculously, they did not result in death even though they were potentially fatal. However, when a cardiologist requested a private meeting with Sophia’s parents to discuss the results of an echocardiogram, Chiappalone’s stomach dropped. She knew something was not right.
Her daughter’s heart lost its right half, and no amount of surgeries could change the doctor’s answer to the dreaded question.
Chiappalone had to ask if her heart condition would shorten her daughter’s. The doctor answered that, yes, she would have a shorter lifespan.

For a mother, this level of information would be devastating for a mother to hear, but Chiappalone was able to view that conversation with gratitude for the time they have together, though.
“She’s a walking miracle. There is no life expectancy at this time because there’s no reason for her to be alive,” she told WVIT.

Sophia’s family wanted to make sure she had the chance to really live before yet another open heart surgery. And, the 5-year-old girl’s wish was to get married to her best friend, Hunter.

She received her mother full support in this, writing in a Facebook post, “Most people wait a lifetime for someone who wouldn’t stand by them through such illness. She met a best friend and love of her life at 3, who does?” The mother continued “You know they say marry your best friend, it just doesn’t usually happen before 1st grade!”
Hunter’s mother contacted her photographer friend to take photos of the cutest mock bride and groom couple on their “wedding day.” She was happy to help making Sophia’s wish come true.

On her Sassy Mouth Photography Facebook page, Marisa Balletti-Lavoie, the photographer, wrote “Sophia Elyssa Chiappalone the beautiful baby with a broken heart had a beautiful little wish…I was so honored and excited to be the one to document the big day!!”
It is simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking seeing this adorable photo shoot. It’s such a delight to see such a lovely friendship between Hunter and Sophia.
Chiappalone was pleased with the results. “It was pure innocence in the purest form.” She wrote on Facebook.

Though the story behind was shattering, no matter how beautiful the photos were, Sophia still looks full of love, despite having only half a heart.

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