Security Camera Catches 3 Teens Approach Homeless Man On Bench In Middle Of Night

October 25, 2017
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Three teenagers were seen walking down the street one evening in Nysa, Poland…

Security Camera Catches 3 Teens Approach Homeless Man On Bench In Middle Of Night

Their intentions were initially unclear. Many people were skeptical of young adults hanging around after dark. Who knows what kind of shenanigans they could be up to? A CCTV camera took video of them as they walked down to a park bench, but what it caught was not mischief of any sort, but an uncommonly kind interaction.

Szymon, Wojtek, and Marcin, the three young men in the video, approached the a homeless man. It was obvious to them that the man was in need, as they proceeded to ask him what he may need.
Instead of asking for money, the man simply asked for a blanket to keep himself warm at night. It was the most practical request possible and an entirely understandable one.

The teens then moved on to look for something suitable for their new friend. They found some used but clean bedding that someone was getting rid of, and took it back to the homeless man. They then gave the homeless man a hug and left him be, never expected to hear about the story again.

If it weren’t for the CCTV footage, perhaps no one would ever known about their act of kindness as these youngster couldn’t have been more silent about their good deed. In fact, according to the local news station TVN24, the teens didn’t hope for any kind of attention regarding the things they’d done. They simply did it out of their sheer wish to help another man in need, not for the recognition.

In this age of mass media, there are thousands of videos of YouTube stars “helping” the homeless and they are flooded with attention, but more often than not, the sittuation were staged and for the purpose of benefiting the creator more than the homeless person.

Giving a homeless person $100 may seem thoughtful, but filming it and making money off of the ad revenue isn’t exactly selfless. These young men had no motives other than helping a man who was down on his luck.
Even Kordian Kolbiarz, Mayor of Nysa, was impressed with the their efforts, according to TVN24. He honored them publicly, saying, “The world needs such gestures.”

Shelby Skiles and her husband, Jonathan, ended up in the ER for a terrifying reason in May. Sophie, their 2-year-old daughter, was having trouble breathing normally.

Restless Mom Waiting in Hospital Writes Letter to Nurses Caring for 2-Year-Old with Cancer

It’d immediately became transparent they were required to transfer over to Children’s in Dallas, where they waited for the test results of a softball-sized tumor in their daughter’s chest. Waiting in hospitals would then become their new normal, because Sophie was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma.

Skiles wrote on her blog, “My goal through this entire process has been to be transparent and honest and shine light on what really goes on during a battle against cancer. I haven’t sugarcoated the bad days but, I’ve also been able to show the great work the Lord has done in the last few months of our lives.”

Though devastated by the result of the diagnosis, even on those bad days, there could be light. And sometimes, the light itself came in the form of a particularly kind nurse.
Skiles addressed the nurses caring for Sophie in her touching letter. The letter went viral with over 51,000 reactions and over 26,000 shares after she share it on her Facebook.

The main theme of the letter was that this mother actually observe the nurses went above and beyond for her daughter with cancer, as her spent plenty of time sitting by her daughter’s bedside in the hospital.
The experience allowed her a glimpse of the many sacrifices and decisions nurses had to make, all so that her daughter would be more comfortable. There is nothing comfortable or pleasant about cancer, but the nurses can make a huge difference in a child’s experience in the hospital.

Skiles wrote, “I see you hesitate to stick her or pull bandaids off… I see you put on gloves and a mask and try not to make too much noise at night.”

“I see you holding the crying mom that got bad news. I see you trying to chart on the computer while holding the baby whose mom can’t — or won’t be at the hospital with her,” she went on.

Her description of the nurses putting smiles on their faces “no matter what’s happening in there” and checking in on her daughter “even when she isn’t your patient” just make me want to hug every single nurse I knew. Not only are they are doing what they were assigned to do, they are also changing lives.

Thank you, Skiles, for seeing and acknowledging the incredible work the nurses do daily. This mother has definitely reached her goal in showing “the great work the Lord has done” through her letter as she concluded that the nurses are “Jesus to us every single day.”

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