Texas Father Shoots And Kills Armed Robber Who Threatened Family In Popeye’s

December 13, 2017
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A Texas Father reportedly  pulled his weapon and opened up on an armed robber who threatened him and his family at a Popeye’s in San Antonio, TX, last week.

Investigators said that the gunman Andes Herrera, 19, walked into the restaurant and approached 32-year-old Carlos Molina, aimed a gun at him and demanded his property.

Molina said that he didn’t have any money because he spent it all to buy the meal, and pleaded with the robber to leave them alone, according to Fox29 in San Antonio.

Herrera then turned toward the counter and ordered the manager to stop running.

As Molina’s family started to walk out of the restaurant, two more family members came out of the restroom and the gunman then pointed the gun at them.

Molina pulled out his gun and shot Herrera several times, killing him.

Molina is a licensed handgun owner, police noted, and they believe that he shot in defense of a third person.

No further updates were available.

Breaking News: Daycare Worker Arrested For Sharing Video Of Child`s Genitals On Social Media

A daycare worker from Las Vegas was arrested for exposing a toddler’s genitals in a video.

According to Henderson Police, Andrea Day, who’s a kitchen aide at a daycare posted the video on social media, along with some statements that were inappropriate.  Police say that the video of the child was taken during a pull-up/diaper change.

An anonymous tip WAS provided to Henderson Police AMD detectives from the Special Victims Unit responded to a daycare located in the 100 block of Westminster Way on Dec. 7 to investigate the incident.

Following the investigation, officers were able to learn that 29-year-old Day, had willfully and unlawfully captured the image of a private area as another employee was tending to the child.

It was then determined that Day had posted the content on a social site as a supposed “joke.”

Day has been arrested and charged with “Capture/Distribute/Display Image of Private Area of Person,” which is a gross misdemeanor.

The woman was booked into the Henderson Detention Center.

The Henderson Police Department is encouraging all parents to talk with their children regarding boundaries and takes all complaints regarding children very seriously.

Anyone with information connected to this case is urged to please contact the Henderson Police Department at 702-267-4911, 3-1-1, or, to remain anonymous, call the Crime Stoppers line at 702-385-5555 or visit Crime Stoppers website.

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