Toddler With Broken Leg Was ‘Sent Home With A Cast On The Wrong Leg’

September 21, 2017
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A toddler who went to hospital with a broken leg was given a cast on the wrong leg, her Mother has claimed.

Samantha Green’s daughter Tammy, who is just two-and-a-half years old, was injured after a fall inside the family car.

Her mother took her to A&E at Prince Philip Hospital, Llanelli, where she was given an X ray on her right leg.

Green claims that medics then put the plaster on the left leg.

“Tammy fell off the back seat of the car, so I took her to the hospital on Saturday,” Miss Green, of Llanelli, said.

She had an X-ray on her right leg, but when she had the plaster applied, it was to the left leg.

“She was still complaining for the rest of the day on Saturday, and she hardly slept.

“We took her back to the hospital on the Sunday, where a nurse had a look at the computer and apologised.

“She said sorry for the mistake of the plaster going on the wrong leg, and reaffirmed to us that it should have been the right leg rather than the left.

“We went to the fracture clinic at the hospital again then on the Monday, and a nurse there said I should have noticed their mistake.

“They were making out as if it was my fault for not checking which leg it had been put on at the time. I told them that it wasn’t my duty to be aware of that and point out their mistake.

“For all I knew, she could have had breaks in both legs. I requested them to carry out X-rays on both legs, because it was a hard fall.

“Considering the way she landed, we wanted to be sure. She was in a lot of pain.”The family fear they will have to cancel a planned holiday to Florida next month as a result of Tammy’s injury, due to the length of recovery time.

“She can’t walk on it, and won’t crawl or perform any kind of movements like that,” Green continued.” We were planning to go to Florida on our holidays in five-and-a-half weeks.

“We think that we’re going to have to cancel that now, because she’s set to have the plaster for six weeks before we go back to get them to take it off.”

Joe Teape, director of operations for Hywel Dda University Health Board, said: “While we are unable to comment on individual patient cases, we would encourage anyone who has a concern regarding the treatment or service they receive to contact our Patient Support Team”.

Two families are suing a Chehalis midwife after the death of a baby and another paralyzed during childbirth.

According to the complaint filed, a couple said the midwife’s misguided delivery tactics during their son’s birth in 2014 resulted in permanent paralysis and dysfunction in his arm and shoulder.

Scott and Seng Hamilton say that the midwife, Laura Hamilton, used excessive traction and pulled and twisted their son Zachary’s head and neck while trying to deliver him. Scott and Laura Hamilton are also distant cousins.

I couldn’t push the baby out. And during the pushing I felt pain and folks around me were panicking,” said Seng Hamilton.

When her baby emerged, Send said his face was purple and his right arm was like “a limp noodle.” Seng claims that a friend who witnessed the birth called 911 however when the EMTs arrived, Laura Hamilton turned them away.

“I trusted her. She’s been in business for 30 years I see all those baby pictures. She told us stories of births, successful births, so again I trusted her. I was confident in her skills,” said Seng Hamilton.

Another suit was filed in Cowlitz County last month, where Kylie Frost and Zachary Sprague claim that Hamilton ignored obvious signs of medical distress and failed to provide Frost with proper medical attention, which led to her child’s death.

Had that been treated, Oliver would be alive today. Had she been properly advised to go the hospital when she passed fist sized blood clots, Oliver would be alive today. It didn’t happen and Oliver is not with us,” Frost’s lawyer, Simeon Osborn, said.

Laura Hamilton’s lawyer said in a statement “Unfortunately mothers do not always have good outcomes in childbirth, despite good care.  Laura Hamilton gave good care to these mothers and will defend that care in court. We have no further comment at this time.”

These complaints follow a lawsuit filed in 2014, by a couple claiming the midwife’s negligence during their child’s birth in 2010 which permanently injured their baby’s arm. However, a Lewis County jury found that she was not negligent.

There is also an informal disposition against Laura Hamilton in 1998 for conduct treating 3 patients. The court then mandated her to improve clinic protocols and obtain peer oversight of some clinic practices. Again, no state action was taken against her or her license.

Laura Hamilton does have an active midwife license which was issued on August 29, 1983 and recently renewed on May 27, 2016.

Her website says she graduated from the Seattle Midwifery School.

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