Toddler Rushes Inside Telling Mom To Dial 911 For This Scary Reason

October 23, 2017
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A toddler from Indiana is being called a hero for what he did when he saw an elderly woman in desperate need of help.

Two-year-old, Lee McFarland, was playing outside his home in Noblesville, Indiana, while his Mom was inside, getting things done around the house.

The Mom regularly checked on the toddler and never noticed anything out of the ordinary.

While Lee was playing outside, his elderly neighbor went outside for a walk.

Shortly after the lady passed by, she tripped and fell.

Lee was the only person outside at the time, to witness the fall and knew he needed to do something to help his neighbor when he saw her struggling to get back up.

The toddler jumped into action, running inside to tell his Mother what had happened and asked his mother to call for help.

While many kids would be too freaked out in such a scary situation and wouldn’t know to call for help, Lee immediately recognized that something was wrong. He knew that he needed his Mom to call somebody to help his neighbor.

The little boy’s mother was proud of what her son did that day.

“It’s awesome, it’s awesome,” said Lee’s mother, Victoria Davis. “Not every day do we hear of a 2-year-old, or 2-and-a-half-year-old who we can credit to saving a life. We don’t hear that every day on the news.”

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Lee is now being honored for potentially saving the elderly woman’s life. If he was not outside or known to ask his mom for help, there is no telling how long she may have been left outside, unable to get up.

The elderly woman, who was not identified, was back in her home after just a few days, recovering from the fall.

Readers shared their thoughts on the story on The New Resistance’s Facebook page. Some expressed concern about the fact that the toddler was outside by himself at the time of the incident.

Image credit: Americanow

“I agree that’s very smart for what he did but I don’t think any child under 5 should be outside playing by themselves without supervision,” one user commented. “None of my kids to be honest never played outside by themselves even as teenagers unless they had someone to play with. If they were riding there bike to someone’s house they had to call or text me they were there. It’s one thing if they our in a fenced back yard but it said he was out front. There is just to many bad people out there now a days that likes to steal children. Yes I’m overprotective. Better safe then sorry my children our all grown & they had a great childhood & never complained & they played outside a lot but the rule was always have a partner.”

“I don’t believe this mother let her son play outside in a unsafe area at two and a half in a fenced in yard he was probably safe to play by himself…” Another user commented. “Maybe God had him there because he needed him there please don’t critisizes the mom when you have no idea how his play area is arranged…sounds to me she is doing a awesome job!” 

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