Tori Spelling’s Family Picture Fuels The Baby Rumors Plus More Controversy

December 29, 2017
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Some celebrities just seem to just be a target no matter what they do.

People always look at what they post and analyse and then shame them. Nothing they do is ever good enough and even happy news is twisted to have a negative spin.

Tori Spelling is one of those celebrities.

The Mom of 5 never really been the favorite on the hit-teen show 90210 and people speculated she was only on the show because her father is who he is.

Since then, Tori Spelling can’t seem to win and it’s just gotten more exaggeratedworse as she’s gotten older.

And this week wasn’t going to be any different. She posted a photo of her and her family all doing something many families do at the holidays. It didn’t seem to matter at first but then people later found fault and she got called out ….again!

Tori has always been open about the struggles in her pregnancies, specifically her last two. She previously spoke about how she was warned that having another child would be against Doctors advice.

People were shocked when Tori announced that she was expecting baby number 5.

And that’s probably where the anger started coming from with the holiday photos Tori shared of her family.

But still….it doesn’t mean that people should be as cruel as they are…

“One of my fave holiday traditions is wearing matching family PJ’s on Christmas Day,” Tori writes on Instagram. “I think this year’s are my fave so far. And, it’s Baby Beau’s 1st Christmas. You have to swipe thru the pics. The tushes with ‘sweet cheeks’ is too cute.”

People however, took their attention to Tori Spelling — specifically her mid-section. People jumped on her in the comments questioning whether she’s pregnant with her 6th baby. And they weren’t exactly nice about it either.

“OMG… is she pregnant againnnnn?” on person wrote, tagging someone else.
Yes she is obviously pregnant again…show that baby bump!”
Some people were a little more nice… but still commenting on her stomach…
maybe they are waiting to announce it when the time is right.”
“Just announce you’re preggo! Beau doesn’t need to cover up your bump!! Come on girl!”
“Stop hiding your baby bump, you look beautiful. Merry Christmas to you and your family ”
” I think baby #6 is coming and if so that’s so great! I love big families 😍. Merry Christmas!”
“She’s been hiding her belly in all her pics lately. Tori you are a good mom. Don’t need to hide your bump.”

That’s not the only thing the photo shoot sparked. People got angry in the comment section wondering why Dean’s oldest child, from his first marriage, wasn’t included in the family photos.

“It’s so sad & heartbreaking NOT seeing Dean’s 1st son, included in your family photos,” one person wrote on Instagram. “It says a lot.”

“Mary Jo took him 2 court bc he was behind several thousand dollars, it was bc Tori & Dean were taking many luxurious trips & buying many expensive things, while he claimed he couldn’t afford her child support payments. So when she filed & was seen with Dean outside arguing, was when I noticed his son was no longer seen with them. But hey…here’s to hoping ”

Another person said:
“Dean’s son was no longer seen with them. I know he’s in college, but he does get a few times when they go back home for a visit. So I’m going by what Tori post, when I’ve noticed his son didn’t appear with them any more. And she posted a pic yesterday of a ring Dean bought her, & she wrote that he surprises her EVERY YEAR, with a diamond ring. She’s SO CLUELESS & lacking a brain bc Mary Jo NOW has MORE proof that he’s behind several thousands dollars in child support, but has money to surprise her EVERY year, with an expensive ring. Ridiculous ”

Poor Tori can never catch a break, can she. What are your thoughts about all this?

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