Tragic News: Toddler Thrown Into Crib, Dies Of Head Trauma

November 15, 2017
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Court documents outline how 20-month-old Delilah Bieski died and why her father is accused of killing her.

The documents reveal that 24-year-old Zachary Bieski was having an argument with his girlfriend on Oct. 24 when he forcefully threw her into a crib.

The womn hit her head on the rail and died three days later from head trauma.

Zachary Bieski was arraigned Monday on charges of felony murder, second-degree murder and child abuse. If convicted, he may face life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Court documents indicate that Bieski confessed to police that week that he knew Delilah had been hurt when she hit the bed rail, but he did not seek any medical attention for her.

The next day, Bieski told police that Delilah took a long nap and he he discovered she had vomited, but again didn’t seek medical attention.

The girlfriend reportedly rushed Delilah to MidMichigan Medical Center the next day on Oct. 26 after the infant experienced what appeared to be seizures.

Doctors then diagnosed Delilah with a skull fracture on the back of her head, along with brain swelling and bleeding on the brain.

That Friday on Oct. 27, Delilah was pronounced dead around 7 p.m. after her organs were donated.

Bieski’s attorney, Daniel Duke, said his client wasn’t the main suspect in the child abuse case at first.

“The information we had was the girlfriend was responsible,” Duke said. “She was with the child when it happened, or when the child was first taken to the emergency room.”

Bieski stood quietly during his arraignment on Monday, so the court entered a not guilty plea on his behalf. He remained in custody at the Midland County Jail with no bond awaiting further court hearings.

“Zach doesn’t have any prior criminal record, so its kind of a surprise,” Duke said. “He seemed reasonably calm and is willing to address the situation.”

Midland County Prosecutor J. Dee Brooks did not rule out more criminal charges being filed in the case, as the Midland Police Department’s investigation is ongoing.

Obviously a tragic situation, but I do think the police have really done an excellent job so far,” he said.

Man Indicted For `Raping And Murdering His Girlfriend`s One-Year-Old Daughter` And Could Face Death Penalty

A man in Ohio has been indicted for the rape and murder of his girlfriend’s 13-month-old daughter, and could be looking at the death penalty if convicted.

Ashtabula County Prosecutor Nicholas Iarocci said that the county’s Grand Jury secretly indicted Joshua Gurto, 37, Tuesday on eight charges, including two counts of aggravated murder; three counts of murder; one count of rape; one count of felonious assault; and one count of domestic violence.

The man from Conneaut could face the death penalty if convicted of the most serious charge in the October 7 beating death of Sereniti Jazzlynn-Sky Blankenship-Sutley.

The man was arrested on October 27 in Alleghany County, Pennsylvania, the day after he was spotted at a Pittsburgh convenience store.

He spent three weeks on the lam prior to his capture.

A coroner said that Seriniti died from blunt force trauma to her head and body. She died at a local hospital after being found unconscious in Conneaut, northeast of Cleveland.

Iarocci says that Gurto was transferred to the Ashtabula County Jail last week from Allegheny County.

According to a press release from the prosecutor’s office, Gurto’s arraignment will take place ‘in the near future.’

After being questioned in the immediate aftermath of the girl’s death, Gurto reportedly went on the run and spent 3 weeks hiding out in the woods.

In October, he was spotted in surveillance footage filmed in Pennsylvania after hitching a ride with a man who did not recognize him.

The pair were forced to stop at a service station after the man’s pick-up truck broke down.

Police saw Gurto on video, then tracked down the man he had been with and asked them where he said he was going.

That is what led their search to Franklin Park, 120 miles from where Sereniti died.

On October 26, a police officer who had been shown Gurto’s image recognized him in the parking lot of a Sheetz garage.

Gurto then admitted who he was after the officer pulled his gun on him and asked him to identify himself.

He was taken in to custody without a fight, WKYC reported.

When police searched his backpack, they found a map of the state of Pennsylvania and a map of New Jersey.  He also had a tent in the bag.


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