Truck Slams Into Family Home Taking The Life Of An 11-Year-Old

November 28, 2017
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On Saturday morning, a 36 years old driver was driving his truck on Road 37.  Suddenly, a medical emergency forced him to hit a propane tank in the other lane.

The tank then made the car smash a garage redesigned into a bedroom.

There were two children ages 11 and nine sleeping in the room on a bunk bed. The truck landed on top of the children,” said CHP Officer Rafael Rivera.

Anthony Lopez was at there when everything happened.

Lopez said “I get outside and everybody panicking and I see cars getting off the driveway and I see everybody crying and say hey, is everything ok and they said no, somebody is stuck”

The fire department could only save a 9 years old boy. Tito, 11 years old boy, did not make it and neither did the driver.

CHP says the accident might be worse in this circumstance.

Officer Rivera said, “It was a pretty chaotic when we all first arrived, it is a huge propane tank and it was still leaking, so you had the danger of the propane being lit and exploding”.

Lopez said, “Really from the bottom of my heart I hope they make it through this and they all stick together as one because that’s the only way you can get through something as tragic as this.”

Friends and relatives of the family are trying to help them to get over this huge loss.

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