Trusting Parents Give Their Child Over To Strangers For This Bittersweet Reason

September 20, 2017
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Trusting Parents Hand Over Their Child To Strangers At Disney Land For This A Very Bittersweet Reason

Would you ever hand your child over to two total strangers to go toy shopping?

In today’s day and age in a world of child abduction and kidnapping, your might scream “No way!” However, for this couple, they did just that.

Chris and Taylor Fisher took their young toddler son, Oliver, to Disney World, where dreams often become a reality. They were at Epcot, and they wanted a photo of themselves and Oliver in front of the “Eiffel Tower,” and asked a young couple to help them take this shot.

Not too long after, the same couple approached them and asked if they could have a chat. Their names were Scott and Sally, and the pair explained that they were spending the day alone there, their three children were at their grandparents home, and their fourth one was in heaven.

It was July 1, the birthday of their departed baby, Duke.

The couple were grieving for their dead baby and said that Oliver reminded them so much of him, and asked if they could possibly take him toy shopping.

“As a parent, and looking back on the moment, you would never think to just give your child over to perfect strangers but in that moment I was so overwhelmed with peace, a peace that only God can provide, that I handed my little boy over and watched as he held the hands of these two people whom my heart suddenly felt so connected with,” Taylor shared on Facebook, adding they both followed close behind.

“When we got to the store Sally held Oliver’s hand and led him to the toys,” Taylor wrote. “I watched her eyes turn from sadness to joy every time Oliver smiled at her. I watched the sorrow turn to hope each time Oliver picked up a toy and hugged her thank you. As Oliver reached ‘up, up’ I watched Scott’s pain start to fade as he held Oliver and wept into his head. Through an act of their own generosity, I witnessed a couple begin to heal from the grief and ache of losing something so dear.”

After this wonderful encounter, the couples said goodbye each other: “We held each other and we prayed,” she said. “God’s presence was so real and we worshiped and praised him for his ultimate design, for it was only God who could have brought us together. As we left, Sally told us that she prayed that God would send her closure and tonight was her gift from God. After tonight she could start to move on. To heal.”

Taylor then felt a divine presence was guiding them in this encounter with these warm-hearted strangers: “Y’all. This is God. He is so real. Only he can put the right people in the right place at the right time so he can heal a broken heart. He designed it this way.”

What a beautifully moving story!

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