Viral: Four 5th Grade Boys Dress In Onesies. When They Look Up, The Crowd Burst Into Laughter

October 12, 2017
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Viral: Four 5th Grade Boys Dress In Onesies. When They Look Up, The Crowd Burst Into Laughter

As a child, the school talent show was the best way to show how funny you were and impressed your fellow peers by doing something you love! That’s why these boys decided to perform in their talent show this year.

The crowd is glad they did, because these four boys are hilarious! Their act is truly one-of-a-kind.

This group of fifth graders had practiced for weeks and were more than ready to blow the crowd away during the New Braunfels Christian Academy talent show! They knew that their routine was extremely hilarious and they hoped that their classmates would feel the same way.

Before the act begins, they all hid under a big black sheet. Then the fabric was lifted and the goofiness begins…

Together, the boys created elaborate puppet-like costumes that made them look like babies wearing bibs and onesies. As soon as Taylor Swift’s hit song “Shake It Off” came to play over the loudspeakers, the boys jump right into their routine!

They dance in a perfectly choreographed routine that makes their classmates and teachers giggle. As if the silly moves weren’t enough, the fifth graders use sunglasses and baseball caps to make their routine unforgettable.

Even though their use of props was funny, it’s the synchronized dance moves that make the crowd erupted into laughter! These four were the highlight of the show.
Their creative routine had everyone rolled over. These four aren’t the type to bust a move like this, so their act was surprising.

The moment the boys wrap up their performance and “Shake It Off” fades away, their fellow students clap with all of their might. It’s clear that this routine was going to make the boys surefire comedic genius around the school hallways!

Maybe these four actually have a future in acting? Or stand-up comedy?

Watch their hilarious routine in the video below. These boys sure do know how to make a crowd laugh out loud!


Her teachers say…

Viral: Class Gathers at Flagpole to Pray, But Then I Learned What This 2-Year-Old Was Praying for

When a person is in need of prayer, depends upon the urgency of their need, they sometimes petition friends they consider prayer warriors to help making certain that their message gets where it needs to go. Some pray far more eloquently than others.

There are some who prefer to pray in silence. They understand God can hear thoughts just as well as words. Others believe more in letting their voices be heard, letting their prayers ring off the rafters. There is nothing private about their heavenly requests.

In certain cultures, it is customary or even required to pray in public so everyone can make sure you’re doing it right. Though praying in public is not required in America, or with any of Christian faith, “See You at the Pole” was created for students who had no fear of putting their religious beliefs on public display.
It was also developed so those students participating in praying around their school’s flagpole could serve as an example to others. The movement was started in 1990 by a youth group from Texas.

Since that time it has grown to over 3 million active participants. The group has helped launch student ministries and on-campus Bible study groups.
Alpine Christian Academy, located in East Texas, actively ushers their students to the flagpole to let them pray for whatever was on their minds at the time. The students pray in silence.
Facial expressions are often tell-tale signs of what a person might be thinking. If they are thinking stressful thoughts, the lines on their face may appear more prominent and their lips might be pursed.

A little girl at the Christian Academy, a 2-year-old preschooler named Cameron Gillespie, was very fervent with her prayers while standing at the flagpole, hands intertwined. The expressions on her tiny face say it all. Her teacher said she had always prays this way. When Cameron was asked what she prays about, she said friends, family, and our country.
This is one little girl who does not take her conversations with God lightly. I would imagine one day in the future, Cameron just might be called upon when someone is in need of a true prayer warrior.

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