Viral: Girl Begs Parents for 3 Straight Months, What She Finally Sees Outside Blows Eyebrows Back

October 16, 2017
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“…an inseparable pair from day one.”

Viral: Girl Begs Parents for 3 Straight Months, What She Finally Sees Outside Blows Eyebrows Back

Hearts are collapsing to pieces over the moment a little girl’s heartfelt wish came true. Her emotions were priceless, reminding many of us of our own fervent childhood wishes.
Some kids dream of living in a treehouse. Others beg for a trampoline, a pair of skates, a swimming pool.

The little girl in this video had just one wish. For three months, she pleaded with her parents to make her shining dream come true.

Luckily for this little girl, Mom and Dad talked things over and decided to surprise their daughter with what she’d been so desperately hoping for. The big day finally arrived, beginning with a knock at the front door.

As the door opened, the little girl gasped in surprise. There, in her father’s arms, was the answer to her prayers.
“You got a puppy?” her high-pitched voice exclaimed. Her mouth dropped open in shock as her father asked, “Do you like her?”

Still in shock, the child scooped the puppy up into her arms and held her close. The sweet brown-and-white puppy’s tail was wagging, a delightful pink collar resting around her neck.
“What do you think?” her dad asked. But the little girl couldn’t answer.

She clutched her puppy close, burying her face into her fur. Overwhelmed with emotion, sobs shook the girl’s body as her father asked if she liked her new baby.
Yes, Dad. One million times, yes.

The puppy, a shelter rescue, was a perfect match for this proud new puppy-mom. “They have been an inseparable pair from day one,” her father shared.

Becky was forced to experience every mother’s most horrible nightmare.

Viral: Bride Leaves Empty Seat For Her Dead Son, Can’t Hold Back Tears When She Sees Who Shows Up

Love Adventured posted:

I’m in heaven for your wedding so what shall I do? I’ll come down to earth to spend it with you. So save me a seat, just one empty chair. You may not see me but I will be there. (The seat was saved to honor the bride’s late son)

Triston, Becky’s son, passed away at the very young age of 19 and while this is the sort of pain that no parent should ever have to endure, she did her absolute best to soldier on in his absence. She still to live her life two years after his passing, and finally she was slated to marry the man of her dreams.

Love Adventured posted:

When she saw the donor recipient! The man who now carries her son’s heart!

She and her husband (who is named Kelly) to be planned for their special day and as you can imagine, the memory of Triston still continues to loom large. At every step at the ceremony, Becky was thinking of him and she even left an empty chair for him. Triston’s chair was also decorated with a touching message that absolutely left us just a little bit teary eyed after reading.

But she didn’t know that Kelly was also thinking of her deceased son that day and he had prepared a special surprise for his soon to be wife. Just before the ceremony was about to occur, Kelly told her that he had someone she need to meet. A 21-year-old man named Jacob appeared and immediately Becky broke down and cried. She knew him and why he was there.

When Triston had passed, Becky had organized for his organs to be used by those who were in need. Thanks to her touching gesture, five people had lived because them received a much needed extension of their lives. Jacob had been the lucky inheritor of Triston’s heart and Kelly arranged for him to be there on their maried day. This means a very important part of Triston to be present as they walked down the aisle.

Listening to her son’s heart beat in Jacobs chest!

Becky was used a stethoscope to hear her son’s heart beat and she was unable to hold her enjoyment. She yelled like a child and even jumped up and down. Knowing that her son’s heart had saved a young man’s life. And it was the boost that Becky needed to take her wedding day over the top. Thanks to Becky’s thoughtful of gift of life, Triston’s bequest will always be able to live on.

Once this moment spread-out, and everybody in the ceremony cried and we cannot say that we blame them. If we were there, we would have been crying like babies too. Jacob flew in from San Diego and this is a moment that he would not have missed for the rest of his life.

While this story definitely had a very sad beginning, it is a proof to the amazing power of helping others. Please share this story along to your friends and loved ones as soon as possible.
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When she saw the donor recipient! The man who now carries her son’s heart!

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