“My wife just shot her kids:” Husband sobs, reports girls’ killings in 911 call

November 7, 2017
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The spouse of a north Texas mother blamed for shooting her two youthful girls Thursday is heard crying on a progression of 911 calls discharged by the Henderson County Sheriff’s office.
Henderson County Sheriff Botie Hillhouse says 29-year-old Sarah Nicole Henderson admitted to shooting the young ladies, 5 and 7, in a Payne Springs home, however demonstrated no regret.

In a 911 call set early Thursday, Henderson’s significant other Jacob Henderson can be heard crying as he tells a dispatcher, “My wife, my wife just shot her kids.”
It wasn’t the first occasion when that night Jacob Henderson had called specialists on call. Hillhouse says agents were first summoned around 11:30 Wednesday night to the home after crisis medicinal administrations got a call about a perhaps self-destructive lady.

“My wife she’s like, I don’t know. Something’s going on with her. Like, she’s freaking out like somebody’s out to get her,” said Jacob Henderson in the first call. “She won’t listen to me. She won’t talk to me.”
A couple of minutes after the fact, notwithstanding, he got back to and said he needed to scratch off the call for help and that “she’s fine at this point.”
Appointees reacted in any case, and Henderson and her better half revealed no issues.
Around three hours after the fact, nonetheless, Henderson’s significant other called again – this time distraught – detailing that his better half had recently shot her two little girls.
Hillhouse told the station that Henderson additionally attempted to shoot her better half, however the firearm stuck. Jacob Henderson took the firearm from her and called police, Hillhouse said.

Out of sight of the call, a lady can be heard crying and shouting, “What did I do?” and “God please forgive me, please.”
Henderson is heard saying “She’s trying to commit suicide now, she’s trying to choke herself”.
Jacob Henderson tells the dispatcher when the shootings happened he was asleep. When a dispatcher asks if the children were breathing, he sobs, “No.”
A woman is heard saying, “Why did I do that, babe?”
“I don’t know,” Jacob Henderson responds.
“She keeps saying people are coming,” Jacob Henderson reports to the dispatcher. “There’s nobody even here.”
Agents came back to the scene and found the two young ladies dead, the station reports. Their bodies have been taken for examination to Dallas, around 60 miles toward the northwest.

Jacob Henderson is apparently not the father of the two young ladies, Kaylee and Kenlie.
Hillhouse told the station that Henderson arranged the killings for no less than two weeks however didn’t detail why specialists trust she plotted the killings, and a thought process hasn’t been discharged.

The killings have left family, companions and neighbors in stun.”There’s no reason for this, none at all,” neighbor Bridget Golds reported to CBS DFW. “How could someone do this to them?”
Living across the street, Jaylyne Palmer described the girls as “adorable” and said they would often come over to her home on their bicycles. She told CBS DFW she would hear Henderson yelling at the girls all the time, very loudly from the porch. But Palmer said she never heard or saw any other alarming behavior.

“Not easy to think about. (They’re) innocent little girls. It breaks our hearts,” said Palmer.
Authorities with Texas Child Protective Services affirmed to the station that there had been contact with the family in 2011, yet said the subtle elements were classified.
Friday, bond was set at $2 million on a capital murder accusation. Henderson stays in the slammer and on suicide watch.

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  1. Laura

    December 7, 2017 at 1:06 am

    I had a very hard time reading this article. It holds a great deal of local dialect. The killings left them “in stun” is just one example. The information was heartbreaking but deserved the reverence of proper English.

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