Woman Demands 4K Retweets of Her Selfie or She’ll Get an Abortion

August 31, 2017
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Woman Demands 4K Retweets of Her Selfie or She’ll Get an Abortion

I joined Facebook 10 years ago. My friends had to convince me to do it. One of the reasons why I was reluctant is because I thought that social media is for narcissists, people looking for attention who just want to share their private business with the whole world.

Whilst I admit that was a sweeping statement and not everyone is on Facebook (and now Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat) for that reason, I still think we’re in the midst of the “look at me” generation. Last week a Florida woman did something to get attention for all the wrong reasons.

Why were people outraged by this woman’s Twitter thread?

Abortion Threat

I don’t know about you but I hate those Facebook/Twitter/Instagram posts (delete where applicable) where people demand X number of likes or shares in exchange for something. Unless it’s part of a charity drive or a bid to solve a crime or to reconnect someone with his or her lost property, it’s usually just a way for a person to get attention or validation.

Last week a woman – whom the Daily Mail says is from Florida – posted a selfie on Twitter. The woman, who uses the handle, @saipanting, wrote: “4 months pregnant. 4K RTs & I won’t abort it.”

Her post sounded fishy from the get-go, but in these crazy days where young girls auction off their virginity online anything is possible.

Thousands of Retweets

By August 29 – nearly a week later – her selfie had been retweeted more than 10,500 times. I assume it’s because Twitter users believed her.

By the time the story appeared in the Daily Mail it was the thread that followed that brought her even more attention. A man, who calls himself King Nathan, VI, then purported to be the woman’s unborn child’s father.

He tweeted: “Instead of letting me know it was my baby you decided to come on Twitter with this bulls**t?” She responded by tweeting: “Sorry you had to find out this way.”

Twitter Thread

And so their Twitter conversation continued. He accused her of blocking him. She confessed to supposedly selling his pet dog to buy concert tickets. She admitted to sleeping with his friend.

People on Twitter ate it up. Others posted memes demanding that the woman delete her account.

In the end she appeared to admit that the whole thing was a joke, by tweeting: “Local twitter is trash. Y’all take everything serious lmao ain’t got no type of humor.”

Bad Reaction

Joke or not, many took her tweet seriously. One person responded to the original post demanding re-tweets, saying: “Why? Ever think this happened for a reason? You’re already almost halfway there. You can get help and there are adoption agencies.”

Others guessed from the beginning that she wasn’t being honest. One tweeted: “Imagine taking a troll seriously.”

Another Twitter user was outraged by the whole situation, writing: “Nah, the problem is. Abortion isn’t a f**king joke. It’s taking someone’s life. And the fact she can sit here and make a mockery is sick.”

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