Woman Nine Months Pregnant With Twins Slammed For Lifting Heavy Weights

July 30, 2017
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A heavily pregnant woman has caused a stir after a video showed her lifting weights and doing squats at 36 weeks pregnant surfaced.

While some people are in support of the woman’s ‘healthy lifestyle’, others were horrified by her strenuous exercise routin. Some called her ‘selfish’, ‘inconsiderate’ and ‘attention seeking’.

In response to the criticism, 33-year-old Li Feina, from Beijing, said that she believed that her workout regime would be beneficial for herself and for her unborn babies.

The fitness fanatic added: ‘I’m pregnant, I’m not sick’.

Ms Li, who’s a personal trainer, said that she exercised for around an hour every morning and her workout included doing pull-ups, squatting, lifting weights and walking.

Li said each of the exercises shapes different muscle group on her body.

‘Now I usually lift 30kg (66lbs), but before I got pregnant I could lift 60kg (132lbs).’

The Mom-to-be said that in China pregnant women tend to be overly sensitive and cautious towards their bodies – so much so that they would avoid even the most common movements.

Ms Li encourages expectant mothers to work out because ‘physical exercising could help prevent miscarriage, keep them fit and stimulate the brain activities of their unborn babies’.

At first, Ms Li’s gynecologist was concerned over  Li’s daily exercise regime because she was carrying twins, according to Ms Li.

But later on, she realized that both my babies and I were healthy, then she slowly changed her mind.’

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